Acne scars - not sure which method of treatment is best for my case?

I have acne scars on my chest, shoulders, and back and runs down to my hips. I am interested in laser treatments, but doesn't have to be laser, whichever would work best in my case. I would appreciate recommendations on the type of treatments that would be best for my acne scars based on my photos. I would also like to know how many treatments I would be looking at for significant improvement. Thanks in advance.

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C02 Laser may be appropriate, but consultation needed


It is always difficult to judge how many treatments would be required just from looking at photos. I always recommend, and in fact insist on patients coming in for an in-person consultation.

At a glance, I would say a CO2 laser machine might be a consideration for your case. The Ultrapulse CO2 Laser machine, which I use, is able to penetrate deep into the skin, up to 4 mm versus traditional lasers, which penetrate only about 1 mm. This means we can treat deeper scarring that results from more serious acne. It does this by stimulating the body to replace scar-managed skin. It also has minimal side effects, and my patients report wonderful results with little discomfort

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Acne scars and PIH


Re your acne scars --

Your scars look bad because of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

PIH is hard to treat, especially on arms & torso. Be patient. Treatment can be expensive.

Avoid the sun, wear sun blocking clothing or sunscreens.

Choose a test area to treat. Skin bleaching, e.g. hydroquinone and Retin A is first.

Then chemical peels (TCA, phenol/croton oil) or lasers.

The best laser depends on PIH depth. Short wavelengths treat superficial pigment, longer wavelengths penetrate. At least 3 treatments are needed.

Once the test area looks good, treat other areas.

See a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with time, interest and knowledge to help you.

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