Acell + PRP for Hairloss?

I have thin hair since i was a kid , i never needed laser for hair removal but i had very thin hair as i grow up with dieting hair loss increased , now with optimal therapy topical minoxidil and oral vitamins result isnot satisfactory , acell and PRP any recommendation ? Non FDA approved for this use right ? Whats average cost ? On long term stopping treatment will make result revirsible to losing again hair ? Is it done without hair transplant

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PRP for Hair Loss Treatment issues

PRP for hair loss is effective if the follicles are not scarred and some small hairs are present. It is NOT FDA approved and probably will never be. No company will spend the money without a financial incentive.The average cost at our center is $400 per session for the injections.
As with any genetic problem, if you stop the treatment, will fall out again. It can be done with or without active or previous transplants.

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PRP non invasive hairloss treatment

PRP or platelet rich plasma treatments are a great option for men and women in their late 30-50s who are looking to help with hair thinning.  It works best for individuals who know that hair thinning or hair loss runs in their family and want to be proactive about treatment.  PRP uses our own blood plasma concentrated with platelets.  These platelets contain growth factors and proteins that help stimulate hair growth.  Treatments generally take 45 minutes to perform.  A simple blood draw is preformed on the arm and is centrifuged to make the PRP which is then injected back into the scalp.  Patients will be numbed with lidocaine injections to help with the discomfort with the procedure.  The cost could vary depending on the area you live. We charge patients $825 per treatment which includes a 3 month regimen of at home care to maintain their treatment. We have had great success with these treatments in our patients.  Most patients notice improvement in 2 weeks up to 6 months.

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