Is There a Procedure to Lighten the Whites of my Eyes?

I am African American. The whites of my eyes are brownish (only the part exposed to the air). Underneath my lids, the whites are really white. Tests confirm I don't have any vitamin deficiencies. I am also healthy with no medical conditions. I don't drink or smoke.

Is there any procedure that can whiten the whites of the eyes? Why would the whites be super white under my eyelids and muddy brown on the part that everyone can see? Doctors brush this issue off and tell me it is nothing to worry about, but it really bothers me. Please help.

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I am not aware of any procedure that will correct this. However, the best doctor to ask would be an

I am not aware of any procedure that will correct this.  However,  the best doctor to ask would be an opthalmologist,.a doctor who deals only with eye and eyelid diseases.

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