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Does Eyelid Tape Really Work?

i would like a crease on my eyelid. Can eyelid tape do this, and give me a wider look eye? or is asian eyelid surgery my only choice?

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Eyelid taping to create a double eyelid is temporary.

Eyelid tape is a safe way to temporarily create a crease in your eyelid, also referred to as a "double eyelid."

Surgery can be done to create a crease. There is an easy surgical procedure (done with no cutting) in which sutures are placed to create a crease. These are called "Pang" sutures. This works beautifully, but often lasts only a couple of years. There is also a more traditional surgical procedure often referred to as "supratarsal fixation" surgery, which is similar to Pang sutures, but is usually a permanent solution.

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While it's on it works

Eyelid tape will work, but once it comes off, your mono lid will come back. For a permanent solution, asian eyelid surgery is the only option.

Asian eyelid surgery

Eyelid tape may help but it's only temporary and lasts as long as the tape is in place. If you want something permanent, then eyelid surgery is your only option.

Eyelid tape to create a double lid. Duration?

Eyelid tape can work, but it is temporary.  For lasting results a surgical approach is the way to do.  Seek out an experienced eyelid surgeon.  Together you can come up with a plan.

Jeffrey Roth, MD
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Tape for Asian Eyelid Surgery

Tape can work just fine and be a lot of fun.  However, it is only temporary but it can give you an idea of what you want your eyelids to look like.

In fact, I often ask my patients to tape their eyes at home before a consult to get an idea of how high, low, up, down, curved, etc. they want the crease to be.  I find tape to be a very useful tool during my office consults.

Good luck,

Dr. Chase Lay

Chase Lay, MD
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Eyelid tape can work to a degree

Eyelid tape can work to a degree but it requires daily maintenance and the crease is always less distinct. My mother used to tape and it worked to some extent but her crease was never really distinct and her eyelid crease would have probably formed to that degree anyways. Double eyelid surgery is really the only way to make a distinct crease that will last for years and sometimes indefinitely.

Philip Young, MD
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Eyelid tape is temporary, Asian blepharoplasty is required to create a double fold eyelid

The operation to create a double eyelid is called an asian blepharoplasty. Sutures are used to create the double fold. Tapes are a temporary solution and the fold will disappear once the tape is removed.

Eyelid tape will not create creases on the eyelids

Eyelid tape does not work for creating creases on the eyelids nor will it make your eyes wider. An upper blepharoplasty is your best option; it will create eyelid creases, make your eyes more open and wider.

William Portuese, MD
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Create upper crease for double eyelid in Asian blepharoplasty


Yes, tape on the upper eyelid can create a crease and give you an idea of the plastic surgery result. Glue applied with a plastic applicator is another alternative temporary solution. Based on the size, shape, and exact location of where the tape or glue is applied, various subtle eyelid creases can be created (wide, narrow, oval, etc). However, only plastic surgery of the upper eyelid in Asian blepharoplasty will create a long-lasting solution. Speak with a plastic surgeon performing eyelid surgery to see if Asian blepharoplasty is appropriate for you. Best of luck.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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Eyelid Tape

I assume you're asian? The eyelid crease is the result of attachments between the skin and the levator muscle (the one that opens the eyes). The only way to get the crease if you don't have one is to surgically attach the skin to the muscle. A few temporary stitches left in for 5 days after surgery is enough to create the fold.

Wider eyes is usually accomplished by elimination of the epicanthal fold or "asian eyelid surgery." Be sure you see someone who does this often.

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