Is Changing Lip Shape Possible?

Can you change the shape of your lips? If so, how much does it cost?

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For subtle, no down-time lip shaping and plumping, injectable dermal fillers are the best start

There are many ways we can shape the lips. The simplest way is to use an "injectable dermal filler" - these are made of a gel, similar in consistency to hand sanitizer, and contain "hyaluronic acid"  (HA), a pure and natural substance in every cell of our bodies. Juvéderm and Restylane are examples of HA fillers. When performed by skilled providers, these are safe, effective, can be done in the office, and involve no-down time. Two advantages to starting with fillers are: #1 it's temporary, lasting about 6-9 months, so if it's not for you then it will go away over time (and can even be reversed with "hyaluronidase"); #2 as little or as much volume and shaping can be created as you desire - since you're awake, you can and should guide your provider as you go. Avoid thicker fillers such as Radiesse - these have the consistency of toothpaste and, while excellent for facial shaping, can be lumpy in the lips (this is what happened to Jessica-Jane Clement). The next step up would be a surgical procedure. Many can be done awake, depending on your goals. From simple lip plumping with hidden incisions on the inside of the lip, to more dramatic results with lip lifts, fat injections or dermal graft placement, can be planned. As with any surgical procedure, it may be difficult to reverse the result, so be 100% sure before you commit. If it's a volume issue, my recommendation is to start with fillers - as you become comfortable with your new lips, you can then progress to more permanent solutions. With any cosmetic procedure, ensure that your caregiver is an experienced board certified plastic surgeon (see link below). Good luck!

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Is changing lip shape possible?


The answer is yes, yes and yes! The real question is cost, longevity and can your "vision" of what you would like your lips to look like become a reality. This requires a consult - at a minimum, pictures of what you look like now and some idea of what you want to look like. You have your work cut out for you but lip size, shape and appearance are very important. Let me know if you need more information. Sincerely, Dr. K

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Changing the shape of lips.

There are many different ways to change lip shape. These include surgical and non-surgical as well as combinations of both. It would be best for you to meet witha surgeon to dicuss your goals and options for treatment.

Non-surgical options include fillers such as resytlane, juvederm, etc:

Surgical options, depending on the individual, the anatomy and the goals, include:

Fat injections



Biologic materials

Gull wing lip lift

Bull’s horn lip lift

Non-excisional or suture suspension lip lift

Corner lift (commisure lift)

Vermillion Advancement

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Yes, it is done all the time with fillers. A hyaluronic acid filler is best for adding to the volume and contour of the lip and a collagen product best for establishing or reinforcing the vermilion border.

The cost certainly varies. Expect to pay anywhere between $350 and $750.
One piece of advice is to avoid pushing your physician into injecting more material than he/she feels is necessary. Just today, a patient of mine told me of a friend of hers who ended up with large sausage-shaped lips, kinda of like you see "gracing" the pages of National Enquirer ( Plastic surgery that went wrong). I know the injector, have seen his work, and consider him excellent at what he does. We concluded that the forcefulness of this woman's personality prevailed over the aesthetic judgment of the physician.
Good luck.

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Changing Lip Shape

It is possible to change the shape of the lip in several ways. If one were just interested in making them bigger, they can be enlarged with HA fillers or fat, surgical placement of soft silastic implants or surgical mucosal advancements. If one were interested in actually changing the shape of the upper lip or creating a more prominent cupid's bow, then a direct excision of skin (white lip) above the vermilion border is needed. Creating a more prominent philtrum is possible with a cavum conchal graft from the ear. The philtral columns can be enlarged and made more prominent with fillers or goretex implants. And finally, the corners of the mouth can be raised with any number of surgical corner "lip lifts".

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Lip reduction in Los Angeles

I perform both lip reduction and revision lip reduction for patients who have genetically large lips or silicone lip injections. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Changing shape of lip

Fillers will be the best and most affordable way to change the shape of your lip. Surgery can also be an option but more expensive.

Can you change the shape of your lips?

The easiest way to change the shape of your lips is with Botox or filler such as Juvederm or Restylane. Botox will run you about 150.00-300.00 dollars and filler will run you 600.00-1000.00 dollars depending on the amounts needed.

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Changing Lip Shape


Thank you for the question.

It is possible to change lip shape to a degree, and more in some people than others, depending on what the baseline lips look like.  There are several options, both surgical and non-surgical, depending on the exact nature of your desired result combined with your budget.  Basal changes to the lip such as volume augmentation and finer delineation of natural anatomy may be done so relatively inexpensively with the use of dermal fillers, such as a hyaluronic acid. Contact a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to have a proper evaluation and discuss your treatment options.

Warmest Regards,

Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS

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Lip surgery

It is possible and frequent to change lip shape.  The recommendations depend on your goals.  The simplest and most forgiving procedure is a dermal filler.  This costs a minimum of $350 depending on geographic location and amount of filler.  Next, you can have a lip lift or other surgery to evert the lip.  These are more invasive.  If you post a pic of your lip with your goal, a good plastic surgeon or dermatologist should be able to give you more detailed advice.

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