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Best Laser for Venous Lake Treatment?

I have a somewhat large venous lake on my lower lip. I saw two dermotologists who confirm the diagnosis. One wanted to cut, then scrape it out. The other suggested laser. I read that laser removal is the preferred over basically 'scraping it out'.

Is there a specific type of laser to use?

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Laser for venous lake

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I like lasers for treating venous lakes. There are several lasers that would work. Since a venous lake is a rather large vascular growth, lasers with longer wavelengths, for example the Nd:YAG 1064 laser would be my choice although a v-beam/pulsed dye laser, diode or IPL/fotofacial device would probably work. You may need more than a single treatment.

Good luck.

San Diego Dermatologist
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I like to use lasers to treat Venous Lakes

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There are two types of lasers that I like to use to treat Venous Lakes. If it is a deep Venous Lake ie blue and thicker the Gentlelase would be the preferred method. If it is red then I like to use the Vbeam laser. Multiple treatments are sometimes necessary.

Sue Ellen Cox, MD
Raleigh-Durham Dermatologic Surgeon
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