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What Are the Benefits of Reconstruction for Tuberous Breasts?

I am Native American and have Tribal Health Insurance. I am trying to put together information about having my Tuberous Breast Deformity corrected.

I was NOT able to properly breast feed my son. I had some milk production, but not enough for him to thrive, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen a case where the breast reconstruction de-constricted the milk ducts enough to facilitate proper breast feeding. Or of any other medical benefits. Will it relieve pain & sensitivity I experience now?

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Surgery to Correct Tuberous Breast Deformity


Surgery to correct tuberous breasts can provide significant cosmetic benefit, however, any such surgery will nat produce any functional improvement in your ability to breast feed. That said women who undergo correction of tuberous breasts are generally very happy with the results that such surgery can produce and report high degrees of satisfaction. Interestingly, in severe cases of tuberous breast deformity, we have found that some patient's insurance plans will cover the expense of surgery; this will depend on both the severity of the deformity and the specific insurance plan benefit.

Broadly speaking, there are two options for correcting tubular breasts: 1. using a breast implant and 2. using your own tissue. Each approach has pros and cons. More information about these options and about tuberous breasts is available on my practice website.


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New York Plastic Surgeon

Tuberous breasts


Tuberous breast reconstruction is not covered by insurance as far as I know.  Uuslaly this is deemed cosmetic in nature.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous breasts correction for facilitating proper breast feeding


The release of the breast along its periphery, by definition, involves severing some breast gland and duct tissue. Although it releases the breast, it may actually limit the ability to breast feed.

Furthermore, tuberous breasts are not typically associated with pain. I would therefore recommend you see a breast specialist as there may be something else here that needs to be addressed.

Good Luck.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Constricted breast deformity (tuberous aka tubular)


Unfortunately, I am aware that this is considered a congenital breast deformity but not aware of any studies that specifically demonstrated correction of lactation problems or relief of pain and discomfort.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous breast deformity correction


Imporvement of the tuberous breast is purely for appearence purposes, that is, it does not improve breast feeding, pain, tenderness, etc. That being said, some insurances do pay for correction based on restoration to normalcy. If your insurance requires a medical reason they will probably not cover it.

Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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Benefits of tuberous breast correction


Hi MBrim24. For the most part tuberous breast is a cosmetic deformity and is not associated with symptoms of pain and/or senstiivity. However, because the deformity includes underdevelopment of the breast, it is possible to affect your ability to breast feed. It is possible that because of the underdeveloped breast, you have an insufficient number of milk producing elements to make enough milk. Since many women without tuberous breasts are also unable to produce enough milk, we will never know if, in your case, you cannot make enough milk because of your tuberous breasts. For the most part, women who have surgery to correct tuberous breasts are very happy with the aesthetic result. Hope this helps.

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Surgery for tuberous breasts


Tuberous breast is a descriptive term and can mean a variety of different appearances and anatomy to the breast. Surgery will not be expected to change your ability or lack of ability to breast-feed. You should be careful about dong surgery with expectation of curing pain. Although you do not describe what pain and sensitivity you have, sensory changes are unpredictable so we usually do not perfom surgery to change sensation. If you don;t have pain, you mihgt imagine that surgery will produce, not cure, pain. Nipple sensation is usually diminished if it does change, but there can been annoying periods of hypersensitivity as well.

Have surgery predominantly because it will give you a better sense of self-confidence or self-esteem because of the improvement in size or shape.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Benefits of correcting tuberous breasts


The benefits of correcting a tuberous breast deformity are mainly cosmetic and to improve your self esteem.  I doubt there would be any functional benefit such that insurance would want to provide coverage.  Pain, sensitivity and breast feeding ability are really unrelated. 

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Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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