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What Size Can I Expect After 800cc?

I'm 5'7", 150#, Deflated 36c Due to Ptosis. What Will my Bra Size Be After 800cc Hp Silicone? Am curious what my new measurements might be for clothes buying (and wearing) purposes. Any help is appreciated=) Thanks!

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Implants Do Not Correspond To A Cup Size


Breast implants do not correspond to a cup size.  It really depends on a lot of different factors, from a patient's exisiting breast tissue, to their height/frame/weight/ etc.  An 800cc implant on someone who is 5'3 would be extremely large, yet in somneone who is 5'10, may be very proportional looking.  You really will not know until you go through the surgery.  I hope this helps.

Barrington Plastic Surgeon
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In our practice we like to tell our patients that 225 cc's equal about 1 cup size. You never mentioned what size you looking to be. 800cc.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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800 cc breast implants


This question has been answered well but I would add that 800 cc is the maximum size of commercially available implants and would be similar to choosing the maximum dress size commercially available just because that number sounds good. Another myth is that implants lift the breast and solves ptosis of the breast and bigger implants doing it more. The proper way to size implants is to start with the width of breast and choose an implant that fits it. The choice of forward volume is based on the profile of the implant which ranges from low to high (not called that in silicone gels) and results in an increase in breast size of from 1-2 cup sizes although this is not exact. The number of cc's is then looked up with the knowledge that the implant will fit and what approximate size increase it will result in. 

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Bra Size and Implant Size


Bra size and implant size do not equate as there are a number of variables that goes into the final size. Moreover, bra companies regularly change their sizing. You will need to wait until after surgery before you purchase your new wardrobe.

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Predicting bra size after breast augmentation is not going to be possible


Hi there-

There is not going to be any way that any surgeon could responsibly or reliably predict for you what bra size you will prefer after breast augmentation. 

Your best bet is going to be to get fitted after you recover from your surgery.

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800 cc implants-what to expect


Your breasts have stretched and descended without the presence of an implant...just natural engorgement with pregnancy (I presume), time, gravity, genetics.


Now add a couple pounds of silicone and you will cause uncorrectable deformities as the tissue will overstretch beyond its limits.


Os this a guarantee? No, but the more weight you subject your breasts to, and these are very large implants, the more you risk this happening. You would be better served finding a surgeon who knows how to fit the implant to the breast, place it under the muscle using a dual plane approach and looks out for the health of your breasts.

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What Size Can I Expect After 800cc?


The number of ccs never equates to breast cup size, too many variables are at work. But be sure you kinow what you are asking for...800cc is mega big and will never have even close to a natural look. If you are going over the muscle, expect significant and fairly rapid descent of the breast with that weight implant, and if you are going under the muscle and have never had implants, it is quite unlikely you can get that to fit without at least one smaller implant first.

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Bra Cup Size after 800 ML Breast Augmentation?


Unfortunately, there is no way to know with any precision exactly what cup size you will be wearing after breast augmentation surgery. As you know, bra cup sizes will vary from one manufacturer to another.

As you plan your breast augmentation I would suggest that you communicate your goals clearly with your plastic surgeon. I prefer the use of goal pictures as opposed to trying to achieve a specific cup size ( again this may be arbitrary and dependent on the bra manufacturer).

You may find the attached link helpful.

Best wishes.

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