Can Breast Massage Cause Implants to "Bottom Out?"

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Breast Massage Will Not Cause Implants to Bottom Out


Following the normal healing process after breast augmentation, massage may be recommended to help prevent firmness around the implants (also called capsular contracture). While there is no evidence that massage will actually prevent contracture, it won't hurt either. Unless the massage is excessively forceful, it is unlikely to cause the implants to bottom out. 

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Bottoming out post aug


I think it is important to massage your breasts at least 2 X per day.I really think it is more important than to woory if your impalnts will bottom out.Wearing your bra and perhaps massaging upwards will lessen that possibility.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Bottoming out and breast massage


I have not (yet) seen bottoming out as a result of breast massage after augmentation in 15 years of experience.  Bottoming out, or pocket expansion, seems to happen more in slender patients, those who pick larger sizes, patients with stretchy skin or patients who've needed a prior capsulectomy... but it's not from the massage itself.  While that may be a "technical" point, I hope it puts your mind at ease.


Best wishes!

Thomas Fiala, MD
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