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I Am 50 Years Old and As You Can See Have Significant Wrinkles Under my Eyes. What is my Best Option? (photo)

I am considering Restylane fillers for my under eye wrinkles but I keep reading mixed reviews. I attempted to do the dot therapy laser but the numbing cream got in my eyes and I had a chemical reaction. Even though my eyes are fine now, I am a bit nervous about this route but not opposed. Ideally I would like to avoid the $$$ cost of surgery if at all possible.

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Best Option to Treat Wrinkles under the Eye


Have reviewed your photo and would agree that a filler is probably not the way to go if you are looking to improve the fine line wrinkles only.  I would suggest a series of profractional lasers (healing time 2-3 days) and a astringent eye cream.  This would probably give you a 30 to 40% improvement. Most importantly be conservative because the thin skin of the lower lid will not tolerate too much of an insult.  Hope this helps

Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon
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Stay away for fillers with they eyelid problem


Fillers may be used by a skilled cosmetic surgeon to correct what is known as a tear drop deformity under the eyelids, from your photo, that is not your condition.I suggest you see an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation as yours appears to be a surgical problem and fillers would be risky and a waste of money. 

West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Wrinkle treatment for lower eyelids.


The photo is very helpful to answer your question. Filler will not resolve your concerns as the wrinkle are more superficial. A lower blepharoplasty or laser resurfacing or chemical peel will deal with these more effectively.

Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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50 Year Old with Under Eye Wrinkles


Thank you for the photo.  That is very helpful.  I do filler all day long for under eye problems. In your case I think you should have a consultation with an excellent occuloplastic surgeon in your area for the best long term solution to your problem.  I know it is expensive, but a good surgeon will also be understanding and accommodating, and may be able to work out some sort of payment plan for you.

Beverly Hills Dermatologist
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