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Hi. I Am a 27 Year Old African American Women. For a Very Long Time I Have Had Dark Spots on Different Parts of my Body.

Thoes parts being my legs, my arms,my thigh and a little on my face. I have tryed coco butter, bleaching creams, the goo inside the Alvero plants, but nothing seems to work. I have not worn shorts or dresses because im embarressed of showing my legs and now that my arm are getting worse i try not to show them as well. I am lost in what to do, I have ran out of things to try so I come to you to see if you have other options that will be usefull to me. it would mean alot to me for you help. Thank you

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Clinical Exam for Dark Spots

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This must be stressful.  I understand.  However, without any pictures, there could be a variety of causes.  A careful examination from a board-certified dermatologist would be necessary to first determine the cause and then perhaps suggest a remedy.  Especially in the setting of these dark spots getting worse.

I know this does not exactly give you the answer you were looking for, but I believe this to be safest and best option for you.



Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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