Nipple Surgery Videos

Nipple Areola Surgery: Watch as the Doctor Makes This Woman's Areola Smaller (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Remus Repta performed a breast lift and purse string areola reduction to give this woman smaller areolas. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction Techniques and Areola Reduction and Inverted Nipple Surgery

Dr. Marc DuPéré explains the common complaint women with larger breasts have and their options when seeking breast reduction surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction: See How Tattoos Recreate the Nipple

Using tattoo coloring and shading techniques, these tattoos give the illusion of a nipple on breasts reconstructed after cancer. VIEW NOW

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Fixing an Inverted Nipple: The Doctor Describes His Technique

After flying all the way to Arizona from Alaska, this patient has an inverted nipple fixed. Dr. Remus Repta describes the 30-minute surgery, which was performed under local anesthesia. VIEW NOW

Puffy Nipples: How Do I Treat Them?

Puffy nipples can be treated, says Dr. Michael Law. Learn how. VIEW NOW

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What Is a Donut Mastopexy? Learn About This Nipple Procedure Technique

Dr. Heather J. Furnas describes a donut mastopexy including how it can be used in combination with a breast augmentation to elevate or level out nipples, decrease areolar size, or flatten puffy areolas of tuberous breasts. VIEW NOW

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Is Surgery My Only Option For Correcting Inverted Nipples?

Dr. Adrian Richards describes the options, both surgical and non-surgical, for correcting inverted nipples. VIEW NOW

400 Inverted Nipple Corrections a Year — Learn About This 30-Minute Technique

Dr. Adrian Richards describes the 30-minute technique his practice uses to perform hundreds of inverted nipple corrections every year. VIEW NOW

Watch a Live Nipple Reconstruction Using the Star Flap Technique

Dr. Johnny Franco introduces a patient who had previously underwent a breast reconstruction and now presents for nipple reconstruction. VIEW NOW


Inside the Operating Room: Nipple Reduction

Dr. Clayton Moliver demonstrates a nipple reduction procedure for a woman who complained that her nipples were always sticking out. VIEW NOW

Areola Reduction Surgery

Dr. Leo McCafferty addresses the topic of areola reduction. VIEW NOW

Nipple Reconstruction Completes the Breast

Dr. Lynn Jeffers says she now believes, after testimony from several of her own patients, that nipple reconstruction really can be the topping on the cake of breast reconstruction. VIEW NOW

Nipple Sensitivity Expectations Following Breast Surgery

Following breast surgery, patients can expect varying results in nipple sensitivity. Some may lose sensitivity for a few months and some may experience increased sensitivity, but most patients, according to Dr. David Reath, will return to normal. VIEW NOW


Can the Size of My Areolas Be Reduced With a Breast Lift?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses reducing the areolas during Breast Lift surgery. VIEW NOW