Nipple Surgery Videos

Watch a Live Nipple Reconstruction Using the Star Flap Technique

Dr. Johnny Franco introduces a patient who had previously underwent a breast reconstruction and now presents for nipple reconstruction. VIEW NOW

Inside the Operating Room: Nipple Reduction

Dr. Clayton Moliver demonstrates a nipple reduction procedure for a woman who complained that her nipples were always sticking out. VIEW NOW

Areola Reduction Surgery

Dr. Leo McCafferty addresses the topic of areola reduction. VIEW NOW

Nipple Reconstruction Completes the Breast

Dr. Lynn Jeffers says she now believes, after testimony from several of her own patients, that nipple reconstruction really can be the topping on the cake of breast reconstruction. VIEW NOW

Nipple Sensitivity Expectations Following Breast Surgery

Following breast surgery, patients can expect varying results in nipple sensitivity. Some may lose sensitivity for a few months and some may experience increased sensitivity, but most patients, according to Dr. David Reath, will return to normal. VIEW NOW


Can the Size of My Areolas Be Reduced With a Breast Lift?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses reducing the areolas during Breast Lift surgery. VIEW NOW