Neck Lift Videos

This Facelift Patient Is 1 Day Post-Op and Looks Great!

Dr. William Adamsinterviews his patient one day after surgical facial rejuvenation with face lift, brow lift, micro fat injections and TotalFX laser of the face, neck, and chest. VIEW NOW

Are the Results of ThermiTight Permanent?

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question about how permanent ThermiTight is in terms of turning back the hands of time. VIEW NOW

21-Year-Old Considering Jowl Treatment WIth Fat Transfer or ThermiRF

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question from a young woman asking about possible treatments for her jaw area, so Dr. Dickerson talks about a few of her suggested treatments. VIEW NOW

The Results From Thermi Are Immediate and Continue to Get Better

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question about how immediate Thermi results are, noting that patients will be able to see results right after the treatment, then the area will continue to improve over the next few months. VIEW NOW

How Many Treatments Are Required to Get the Best Results From Thermi?

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question discussing the number of Thermi treatments necessary to achieve the best results. VIEW NOW

Doctor Q&A: Am I a Candidate For ThermiTight If I Have an Irregular Heartbeat?

Dr. Edward Dickerson explains the potential risks with a ThermiTight procedure, and whether a client with an irregular heart flutter would be a good candidate. VIEW NOW

Liposuction on the Neck: What Are the Best Options For Different Ages?

Dr. John Martin discusses the options available to a patient who wants liposuction on the neck, from someone in their 20s with an extra bit of fat to an older patient with sagging jowls. VIEW NOW

Watch This Doctor Undergo a Neck TIghtening Procedure With No Anesthesia

Dr. Mark Berkowitz opts to undergo a neck tightening treatment with Thermage without any ansthesia to treat a sagging neck. VIEW NOW

Help, My Double Chin Is Ruining My Selfies!

If finding that perfect selfie angle is becoming more and more difficult, maybe it's time to see a specialist like Dr. C. Carson Huynh about that double chin. VIEW NOW

Is A Short Scar Facelift a Reasonable Substitute for a Traditional Facelift?

Dr. Michael Law explains why he believes that a short scar face lift is not a reasonable substitution for a traditional face lift. VIEW NOW

What Is the Exilis Tightening Treatment? Doctor Undergoes the Procedure on Camera

Dr. Mike Majmundar explains a new treatment called Exilis while having it performed on camera. VIEW NOW

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Surgery After Weight Loss: How Will Scars Look After a Body Lift?

Dr. Edward Domanskis explains how a patient can expect their scars to look on different parts of their body following a body lift procedure. VIEW NOW

See a Face and Neck Lift in Action With This Photo Morph

Dr. Gregory Diehl provides a unique photo morph of a patient for the purpose of visualizing the results from a face and neck lift. VIEW NOW

What Is the Difference Between a Facelift and a Neck Lift?

Dr. Michael Law explains the differences between a facelift and a neck lift, touching on the muscle structure and how it plays into the procedures. VIEW NOW

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"I Just Don't Look Like Myself Anymore" Might Mean It's Time For a Facelift

Dr. Jennifer Levine uses the most advanced techniques available today to define the neck and jaw line and elevate the cheeks for a natural and rejuvenated look. VIEW NOW