Sun Exposure + Mole Removal

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I Have Sun Induced Flat Moles All over my Legs. Can They Be Removed?

I have sun induced moles on my legs. My dermatologist is not intrested in my cosmetic concerns at all. I hate my legs and refuse to where dresses or... READ MORE

Can You Have Your Mole Removed Via Laser During the Summer?

I was wondering if having my facial moles removed during the summer would affect it's healing process? Would it not heal as well because of the hot... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About Scarring or Darkening of Mole Area? (photo)

I had a bandage on two moles for a week and removed the bandage for about 2-3 days of sun exposure. I read that I need to protect them from the sun... READ MORE

Does this look like melanoma? (Photo)

I am a 32 year old woman with fair skin and blonde hair and I have a history of sun exposure from an early age. I always lay out in the summer but try... READ MORE

Any suggestions for facial Mole Removal Assessment? (photos)

I've had this mole on my face as a child, however, it started flat and has since expanded (diameter/height). I've started exploring options for... READ MORE

Does this look normal? (Photo)

I have this spot on my leg it started out small and has grown a lot. It doesn't look like my other moles/freckles. I am have very fair skin and burn... READ MORE

Raised mole removed 3 months ago and now noticing a dark spot. Sun exposure recently for less then a week.

I had 2 moles removed 3 months ago. They both were through an incision with a scar rather then it being "shaved off". I was recently exposed to the... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove my flat mole on the shoulder with minimal scarring? (photos)

I really want to get this mole removed as I've hated it and I never wear tank tops outside or something like that so as not to show it as people make... READ MORE

How long should redness last after having mole shaved off face? Should I keep it away from sun? (Photo)

A little under a month ago I had a mole on my chin shaved off. I do have fair skin and my skin tends to take a bit longer to heal. The area is red and... READ MORE

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