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What Is miraDry?

With two treatments, miraDRY can help drastically reduce excessive sweating. Dr. Terrence Keaney describes the technology. VIEW NOW

I Sweat So Much! What Can I Do? This Doctor Recommends These Techniques For Uncommon Areas

Excessive sweating can happen to anyone anywhere. Learn where Dr. Dee Anna Glaser says you can get relief thanks to Botox and miraDry. VIEW NOW

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MiraDry: What You Need to Know About This Treatment For Excessive Sweating

Do you sweat excessively? MiraDry might be for you. Dr. Chase Lay explains how this procedure works including risks and recovery time. See the machine for yourself! VIEW NOW


Let's Talk About Sweat, Baby: MiraDry is the Talk of the Town

MiraDry is a new technology that obliterates the sweat glands of the underarm, but although this procedure is quick and relatively pain free, Dr. Susan Van Dyke says there are still many non-believers. VIEW NOW

Stop Sweating For Good With New miraDry Technology

Dr. Gregory Turowski discusses a relatively new technology called miraDry, which attacks the sweat glands of the underarms to destroy them and prevent you from excessively sweating for good. VIEW NOW