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Ibuprofen Intake Post Plastic Surgery Procedure?

I just had tumescent Smart Lipo done on my abdomen and a male breast reduction. My doctor said that I could take Ibuprofen after the surgery. After I... READ MORE

Doming Areola After Gynecomastia Surgery

I am a male of 33 years old I have had gynecomastia surgery done 7 months ago I had the gland and the fat removed and the results are brilliant but my... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Post Surgery Question. Can Massaging Ruin My Results?

I recently had gynecomastia surgery and i misread the doctors post-op instructions. I was in pain so I rubbed underneath the nipple on the hard areas... READ MORE

Can Men Manage the Pain from a Breast Reduction with Advil?

My research indicates that there is not much pain after surgery and nothing that Advil or Tylenol with Codine could not handle. READ MORE

Had Ultrasonic Lipo Only to Help with Male Gyno but the Breast Gland Still Hurts and Chest Looks Deformed?

How do I ask my dr to do a breast gland removal after the liposuction did not stop the pain and the Nasty shape of my chest . She told me she will... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Returns After 1 Month?

I had a surgery on both sides. results one week out of post op i removed the compression vest and both sides were mostly flat. but within one week... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Pain, Swollen Lymph Nodes Under Left Arm After 8 Days Post-OP of Gynecomastia?

Sir, i am 23 and i had my gynecomastia treatment 8 days back using both SAL and gland excision. My chest has become flat and there is no swelling or... READ MORE

5+ Weeks Since Male Breast Liposuction, Still Very Painful, When Will It Stop Hurting?

I had liposuction to my breast area and underarms on May 25, 2012. It is still very painful. It only seems to be marginally better, but not day by... READ MORE

Is this gynecomastia? (photo)

If this is gynecomastia ,how can i get rid of it. Also sometimes my left breast it hurts when i push it this started when i was 14-15 years old and... READ MORE

Painful New Vein After Breast Gland Removal Starting at the Drainage Site All the Way Down to my Grown?

New painful vein starting at right nipple incision site going vertical all the way down to my groin. It hurts when I rub across it and when I raise my... READ MORE

Is Male Breast Reduction Painful?

I'm interested in that surgery but i'm afraid. Please let me know if this is painful. Thanks READ MORE

Should I have swollen areolae 4 months after gynecomastia surgery? (Photo)

I had a very small case of gynecomastia - "puffy nipples", a bit large areolae diameter and very little fat. I underwent a surgery - the doctor said... READ MORE

3 months Post-op Swelling and Pain: Is this hopeless? (Photo)

My surgery was 3 months ago. Lost a nipple 2 months in, swelling on side with nipple returned with a vengeance 2 weeks ago. It hurts, feels like... READ MORE

Nipple pain after bilateral gynaecomastia surgery and liposuction 6 weeks ago. Advice?

I am am 51 yr old male.I have had this problem since puberty and finally decided to get it sorted .Subsequently i have been left with hard disc shapes... READ MORE

Is it safe to opt for surgery or are Gynexin pills enough to cure Gynecomastia?

A gland came recently and paining heavily. Suffering from Gynecomastia since 13 years. Using Gynexin pills..Is it safe to use. started using those... READ MORE

2 years after gyno surgery nipples and armits still painful. Can medication help with the pain?

My gyno(prolactin) started on august 2011 after taking steroids for only 3 days..on april 2012 while my nipples were still itchy and painful(although... READ MORE

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