Lower Face Lift Videos

Top 3 Facelift Considerations to Save You From an Unnatural Result

Getting a facelift done is not an easy decision to make so Dr. John Fezza takes a few minutes to talk about considerations, scars, and how to get the most from your procedure. VIEW NOW

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Some Patients Looks Better Than Others After a Facelift, But Why?

It's all about bone structure, baby! No, really. Dr. Robert Schwarcz explains why some patients looks better after their facelifts than others. VIEW NOW

Tips For Preparing For Your Upcoming Facelift

As the years go by, the skin on the face and neck begins to loosen. The rhytidectomy, or facelift, could improve your looks and self-confidence. Dr. Paul Nassif describes how to prepare for a facelift. VIEW NOW

Scars After a Facelift Should Be Minimal and Unnoticable

Dr. William Adams discusses what scars a patient will have after a facelift, using a patient model who had a facelift three months ago. VIEW NOW

Is a Short Scar Facelift More Effective Than a Traditional Facelift?

Dr. Stephen Prendiville discusses why a shorter scar is not necessarily better and a compromise on the length of the scar can compromise the quality of the work. VIEW NOW

Try This Simple (and Free!) At-Home Test to Determine if You Are Ready For a Facelift

If you've been considering whether you're ready for a facelift, Dr. Philip Miller recommends a simple test you can do right now to see if you're really ready. VIEW NOW

Love the Way You Look in a Ponytail? There's a Facelift For That!

Hear Dr. Philip Miller speak about his brand new facelift that gives patients the tight look they love when their hair is in a ponytail. VIEW NOW

Facelift Revisions For Patients Who Were "Over-Sold and Under-Delivered"

Facelift revisions aren't uncommon, so Dr. Stephen Prendiville reveals the top three reasons why a patient would want or need to consider a re-do. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuvenation Is About Looking Better, Not Different

Dr. Stephen Prendiville discusses the number one trend in facial rejuvenation and how to achieve a natural looking result. VIEW NOW

Pick the Surgeon, Not the Facelift

Dr. Richard Parfitt explains the importance of choosing a surgeon based on their results rather than the type of facelift procedure they offer. VIEW NOW

What Draws Patients To Having a Facelift Done?

Everyone is a bit different in how they feel about their face and the effects of aging but Dr. Jennifer Porter discusses a few of the main reasons why patients come in for a facelift. VIEW NOW

What Features Are the Most Challenging To Treat in a Facelift?

If you think you might be a challenge to your plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Porter describes some of the most difficult features to fix or work with on a facelift patient. VIEW NOW

JIs It Ever Too Late to Get a Facelift?

Dr. Jonathan Sykes says that what matters most when considering a facelift isn't the patient's age. Watch to find out what really matters! VIEW NOW