Lower Face Lift Videos

From a Few Days to A Year, Here Is the Facelift Recovery Process

Dr. Mark Glasgold describes the typical recovery from a facelift, starting a few days after surgery all the way up to a year post-op. VIEW NOW

Can Your Spot the Scar From This Man's Facelift?

Dr. Mark Glasgold describes the incisions used for facelifts, using an older gentleman as an example of a well done procedure after which the scars are virtually invisible, even without any hair to hide them. VIEW NOW

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The Best Facelift Is the One You Don't Notice

Dr. Leo McCafferty explains the benefits of a facelift beyond the physical changes. VIEW NOW

Where Is the Scar on a Short Scar Facelift?

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz draws on himself the positions of a short scar and full facelift, noting the length of each and why one patient may be more in need of a full facelift than another. VIEW NOW

What Does the Term "Minimally Invasive" Actually Mean?

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz explains what the common terms mean when describing treatments and/or procedures: invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive. VIEW NOW

Out and About After a Facelift: When Can I Lay Out in the Sun?

Dr. Paul Nassif explains when a patient can expect to go back to laying out in the sun after a facelift. Hint: NEVER! VIEW NOW

This Individualized Approach to a Facelift Allows For More Attention to Detail

Dr. Rockmore discusses the importance of treating each face uniquely, and taking an individualized approach to facelifting. The importance of a natural result is discussed, as well as the limitations of the procedure. VIEW NOW

Facelifts and Neck Lifts Treat Two "Ends of the Same Spectrum"

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the components and causes of neck laxity, or sagging of the neck. The options for treatment of a saggy neck are also discussed, as well as the differences between a facelift and a neck lift. VIEW NOW

Laser Work and Fat Injections For a Better Facelift Result

Dr. Christine Rodgers shares her technique for facelifts and explains why she chooses to add laser work and fat injections at the same time. VIEW NOW

Top 3 Facelift Considerations to Save You From an Unnatural Result

Getting a facelift done is not an easy decision to make so Dr. John Fezza takes a few minutes to talk about considerations, scars, and how to get the most from your procedure. VIEW NOW

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Some Patients Looks Better Than Others After a Facelift, But Why?

It's all about bone structure, baby! No, really. Dr. Robert Schwarcz explains why some patients looks better after their facelifts than others. VIEW NOW

Tips For Preparing For Your Upcoming Facelift

As the years go by, the skin on the face and neck begins to loosen. The rhytidectomy, or facelift, could improve your looks and self-confidence. Dr. Paul Nassif describes how to prepare for a facelift. VIEW NOW

Scars After a Facelift Should Be Minimal and Unnoticable

Dr. William Adams discusses what scars a patient will have after a facelift, using a patient model who had a facelift three months ago. VIEW NOW

Is a Short Scar Facelift More Effective Than a Traditional Facelift?

Dr. Stephen Prendiville discusses why a shorter scar is not necessarily better and a compromise on the length of the scar can compromise the quality of the work. VIEW NOW