Lower Face Lift Videos

How Does an Endoscopic Facelift Work?

Dr. Mark Prysi explains his endoscopic facelift technique, which is less invasive and, according to him, more natural looking than a traditional facelift. VIEW NOW

Facelift: Does Age Matter and How Long Will It Last?

A facelift can be done in several different ways, depending on the patient's age and state of their skin, according to Dr. Martin Jugenburg. VIEW NOW

Facelifts: How To Ensure a Natural Result

Dr. Rady Rahban disusses several dos and don'ts associated with facelifts and how to ensure that the result is both pleasing and natural. VIEW NOW

Facelift Results Will Last How Long?

Dr. Richard Brown discusses the longevity of a facelift and what results one can expect after surgery. VIEW NOW

Post-Operative Overnight Stays

Dr. Richard discusses the factors that determine if a patient will need to stay overnight after having plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

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Face Lift Procedures Require Which Form of Anesthesia?

Dr. Michael Law explains why he uses deep IV sedation as his preferred form of anesthesia when performing face lift procedures, as well as the importance of employing a board certified anesthesiologist. VIEW NOW


Neck Lifts Are Usually Not Done Alone

Dr. Richard Brown talks about the difference between a facelift and a neck lift surgery and why a neck lift is not often done on its own. VIEW NOW

Facelift Downtime: Expect at Least 2 Weeks

Dr. Stephen Prendiville explains what patients should expect during their downtime period following a facelift procedure. VIEW NOW

Surgeon Qualifications: How To Choose the Best Doctor For You

Dr. Stephen Prendiville advises RealSelf users in why they should choose a surgeon board certified by the ABFPRS or ABPS who makes facial rejuvenation a big part of their practice VIEW NOW

Facelift Walkthrough and Before and After Photos

Dr. Schreiber discusses what you need to know about facelifts, including what it can treat, incision placement, surgery duration, and recovery pain management. VIEW NOW

Full Face Lift, Mini Facelift, and Neck Lift Differences

With so many options to choose from when considering surgical face rejuvenation, Dr. Ross Clevens explains the difference between the three top choices. VIEW NOW

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Facelift Recovery Depends On Types and Location of Procedures

Dr. Lowenstein explains the recovery process of a facelift, although noting that each patient's experience is different and depends on which procedures have been performed. VIEW NOW

The Anatomy of a Facelift

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains the anatomy of the face for a better understanding of why a lower facelift is recommended when the patient's concerns are about their neck. VIEW NOW

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Ultherapy Treatments Tighten Skin and Promote Collogen Production

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains what Ultherapy is, which areas it is best used for, and the timeline over which patients can see the best results. VIEW NOW

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Facelift Incision Size Depends on Specific Areas of Concern

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains why different facelift patients may experience different incision lengths or locations depending on the areas they have chosen to address. VIEW NOW