Liposuction Videos

The Process for a Tummy Tuck — The Doctor Shares This Advice

Dr. Delgado explains how to select a plastic surgeon to perform your tummy tuck. He explains the techniques involved in the surgery and the post operative recovery. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains This Woman's Mommy Makeover

Dr.Michael Delgado explains the components of a mommy makeover by using several women's before and after photos. He explains the pros and con of the mommy makeover procedure. VIEW NOW


Do You Have To Wear Your Compression Garment?

Dr. Taranow discusses why it's important to wear your garment for the recommended time by your surgeon after your procedure. VIEW NOW

Liposuction Is Not for Weight Loss — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Douglas Taranow explains how some patients lose a few pounds after weight loss. He cautions liposuction should not be used for the sole purpose of weight loss. VIEW NOW

See the Doctor Sculpt This Man's Six-Pack in 90 Seconds

Dr. Jason Emer hand sculpts this man's six-pack abs with VASER hi-definition liposuction. VIEW NOW

12 Seconds of VASER Liposuction for Lipedema or Painful Leg Syndrome

Dr. Jason Emer performs ultrasound assisted VASER Liposuction for lipedema, a condition where disproportionate fat causes pain and swelling of the legs. The ultrasonic energy is specific to fat and spares lymphatics, vessels, and nerves. VIEW NOW

What's Tumescent Liposuction? Find Out If It's Right for You

How do you know if liposuction is right for you? Dr. Robert Frank shares his experience. VIEW NOW

Calf Sculpting With Liposuction: Have the Procedure Explained in Under 1 Minute

What can you do to shape your calves? Dr. Jon A. Perlman shares this option. VIEW NOW

Silhouettplasty (Part 3): See Jacquelyn's Abdominal Liposuction After 100 Pound Weight Loss (GRAPHIC)

Jacquelyn had tummy tuck surgery three months ago as part of her Silhouettplasty procedure. Today, Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger performs her final surgery to remove any remaining fat around the abdomen. VIEW NOW

64 Seconds of Mommy Makeover Results: Hear From the Doctor

Dr. Kevin Tehrani details what a mommy makeover is. Also see before & after photos. VIEW NOW


Liposuction: It's All About the Skin (Part 1)

Dr. Wendell Perry explains how skin contracture is just as important as removing fat when it comes to liposuction. VIEW NOW


Silhouettplasty (Part 1): Follow Jacquelyn's Journey after 100 Pound Weight Loss

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger performed a Silhouettplasty on Jacquelyn. The procedure includes a tummy tuck with abdominal liposuction. Hear Jacquelyn share her story and motivations for surgery. VIEW NOW

Liposuction, Arm Lifts, and Smart Lipo — The Doctor Explains These Arm Contouring Techniques

Dr. Hampton Alexander Howell discusses the different techniques of arm contouring to reach your desired results. VIEW NOW

Find the Best Body Contouring Option for You — From Non-Surgical to Surgical Procedures

Dr. Hampton Alexander Howell discusses what body contouring is and techniques including CoolSculpting and Smart Lipo. VIEW NOW

Liposuction Basics: Get a 77-Second Introduction

What's involved in liposuction? Dr. Hampton Alexander Howell answers that question and more. VIEW NOW