Liposuction Videos

Is Arm Liposuction Right for You? The Doctor Explains the Procedure

Dr. Jon A. Perlman discusses the use of liposuction to thin the upper arm and who is a candidate for this procedure. VIEW NOW

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What to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon, According to This Doctor

Dr. Manish H. Shah discusses what you should consider when researching, interviewing, and ultimately choosing your plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

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Liposuction Techniques: Learn the Basics

Dr. David Broadway walks us through the basics of liposuction. VIEW NOW

VASERlipo: See How It Works on the Arms

Using VASERlipo, Dr. Jason Emer removes fat, tightens skin, and defines muscles. See 17 seconds of the procedure. VIEW NOW

What's the Difference Between Liposuction and Liposculpture?

Dr. Elliot Heller explains the differences between Liposuction and Liposculpture and his approach for optimal results. VIEW NOW

Reducing Chin Fat in Older Patients: Will I Need Surgery For Sagging Skin After Kybella or Liposuction?

Is additional surgery necessary if you get liposuction or Kybella over the age of 65? Here's the answer, courtesy of Dr. Amiya Prasad. VIEW NOW

Can You Fix Dents After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Douglas A. Taranow explains how you can fix dents in your buttocks after a Brazilian Butt Lift. VIEW NOW

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Should You Get an Arm Lift or Liposuction?

Dr. Douglas A. Taranow discusses why liposuction on your arm is sometimes a better idea than doing a full arm lift. VIEW NOW

3 Ways to Get Rid of Male Breasts — The Doctor Explains Your Options

Dr. Grant Stevens explains three options for male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

3 Important Tips When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon, According to This Doctor

Dr. Christian Subbio talks about what you should consider when choosing a plastic surgeon and what questions to ask. VIEW NOW


Learn How SmartLipo Differs From Traditional Liposuction

Dr. Daniel Levy explains how this minimally invasive procedure can be performed from the chin area to the knees with less downtime than traditional liposuction. VIEW NOW

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I'm Getting Liposuction — What Type of Anesthesia Will the Doctor Use?

Dr. Robert C. Langdon talks about anesthesia, treatment time, and recovery from liposuction. VIEW NOW

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Can You Get Liposuction on Your Face?

Want to get lipo on your face? Dr. Harrison C. Putman, III, explains if it's an option. VIEW NOW

Fat Transfer Basics: What Is It and How Does It Work? (Part 1)

Dr. Jason Emer explains what fat transfer is and his recommendations for body contouring in men and women. VIEW NOW

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Fat Transfer Basics: How Much Fat Do I Need? (Part 2)

Dr. Jason Emer explains how much fat is needed for a successful fat transfer and who is the best candidate. VIEW NOW