Liposuction Videos

Liposuction Techniques: How This Popular Procedure Has Changed Over the Years

Dr. Stephen Mulholland discusses the latest in liposuction techniques and how new procedures use energy to liquefy fat, minimizing scarring, and shorten downtime. VIEW NOW

Mommy Makeover 101: The Combination of Surgeries That Bring You Back to Pre-Baby Shape

What makes up a mommy makeover? It's a number of different surgeries designed to bring you back to your pre-pregnancy shape. See before and after photos from patients of Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh's. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction: Inside the Operating Room (Part 4)

Michael has finally arrived in the OR. Dr. Larry Schlesinger performs a male breast reduction procedure. See the operation for yourself. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction: Watch the Doctor Make His Pre-Surgery Markings (Part 3)

On the brink of surgery, Michael receives the markings Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger will use as a guide during the male breast reduction procedure. VIEW NOW

What's the Difference Between Body Contouring and Liposuction?

Dr. Jason Emer breaks down the difference between body contouring and liposuction, and what it can do for your "liquid gold." VIEW NOW

Liposuction: Watch as One Patient Sheds the Weight (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap helps one patient find his real self thanks to liposuction. Watch the surgery from initial sketches to final results. Part of the video is not in English. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction: See the Surgery From Beginning to End (GRAPHIC)

Thanks to this surgery, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap's patient no longer has his male breasts. See the entire procedure from beginning to end including before and after shots of several patients. VIEW NOW

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Male Breast Reduction: Watch One Young Man's Journey to His New Self (Part 1)

Since a young age, this patient of Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger's has felt out of place. Now he's ready to embark on male breast reduction surgery. Follow his story. VIEW NOW

What's More Painful: Tummy Tuck or C-Section? This Patient Says...

It's a common question: Is a tummy tuck or a C-section more painful? This patient of Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger shares her experience with both. VIEW NOW

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What Happens During Male Breast Reduction Surgery? One Young Man's Journey (Part 2)

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger explains what happens during male breast reduction surgery as a young man embarks on a journey to feel more like his real self. VIEW NOW

Woman on the Street: America Sounds Off on Plastic Surgery Desires

How does the average American feel about plastic surgery? The RealSelf team asks everyday people that very question. Their answers may surprise you! VIEW NOW


Mother of 4 Gets Tummy Tuck and Liposuction: Watch Her Operation (GRAPHIC)

After four kids, this mother decided to undergo a tummy tuck and liposuction. See Dr. Dean Jabs in the operating room as he performs the procedure. VIEW NOW


Get a Virtual Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation (The Finale)

Dr. Wendell Perry provides the final installment of a virtual Brazilian butt lift consultation. Watch Part 1 at VIEW NOW


Could Wearing a Corset After Liposuction Produce Better Results?

Ladies into corseting should definitely watch this! Dr. Sheila Bond explains how a corset might actually do some good after liposuction. VIEW NOW


Liposuction For Weight Loss and Other Common Misconceptions

A more popular procedure, liposuction has a reputation for reducing the volume of certain areas of the body. However, Dr. Sheila Bond discusses several common ways in which liposuction should not be used. VIEW NOW

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