Second Round + Liposuction

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How Long Should I Wait for a Second Liposuction Treatment?

I just had Liposuction done in November last year, and I think I'm ready to go back again. How long after my first treatment should I wait before I... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have Another Liposuction?

I had liposuction last December. It is already March yet I have not seen any significant changes in my body. Sure, my tummy has flattened a bit but my... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait for a Second Round of Lipo/Fat Transfer to Breasts?

Hello, I had lipo and fg to buttocks 4 months ago.My stomach looks likes its never been lipo before, i had more results immediately after surgery. i... READ MORE

Liposuction Knee/thigh Without Full Anesthesia?

I am wondering if it's possible to perform liposuction without full anesthesia? I had my inner legs done, my love handles and buttocks and i feel like... READ MORE

No Change in Thighs After 2 Lipo? (photo)

I had thigh lipo done twice 6 months apart but still have really bulky thighs. is it excess fat, muscle or skin? its now a year on from 2nd surgery.... READ MORE

Lipo for the Second Time After Weight Gain? (photo)

I had lipo on my lower back and abdomen and fat transfer to my butt about four years ago. A year after my procedure I developed hypothyroidism and... READ MORE

Which Area Hurts More After Having Liposuction? Abdomen or Hips and Flanks?

I've already had my abdomen laser lipo'ed a month ago. Now I'm going in for Hips/thighs and flanks. Will they hurt more or less than the abdomen? READ MORE

7 Years, 65 Pounds, 2 Pregnancies Post-lipo. Banana Roll - Fixable? (photo)

I had lipo done 7 years ago on thighs (front & back), banana roll, flanks. At the time I was 5'5, 130 lbs and 2 L were taken out total. I was okay... READ MORE

How Many Liposuctions Are Possible to the Same Area?

How many lipos are possible in the same area and after how long time? I had 3 unsatisfactory tumescent lipos and, although the 4th one- WAL technique-... READ MORE

Can You Get Lipo on the Same Area or Does Fibrous, Scar Tissue Form After the First Time?

About a week post-op. I had liposuction done on my lower abdomen. I have alluded to this in other posts, but I am a little annoyed by how little my... READ MORE

Would Getting Lipo on my Knees and Thighs Make my Legs Look Even Worst then Now? (photo)

I had lipo done ten years ago and it was done poorly, I want lipo but am afraid of hanging loose skin all over my thighs n there a special... READ MORE

Lipo Lip/Indent After 13 Years? (photo)

Back in 2000, I had a liposuction procedure to manage a "pooch" belly. I had always been fit, but had a small pouch in my lower abs. After the... READ MORE

Liposuction on Same Area? (photo)

I had lipo to my stomach 2 yrs ago,gained weight and had lipo again last year in stomach. the doctor didn't take all the fat so I waited 6mths and had... READ MORE

Can Repeat Lipo Make Legs Look Worse? (photo)

I had traditional lipo on my thighs about 10 years ago. I'm now in my mid 30's. In a surgeons opinion can repeat surgery help the appearance or make... READ MORE

Liposuction second time?

I will be getting a second liposuction procedure because my surgeon didn't remove enough the first time. I just want a little bit more from my thighs... READ MORE

Petite Girl with Troubled Arms (Shoulder is Problem Area)?

I'm by no means overweight, for my BMI is <20. However, I have really fat arms which I already had liposuction done. Even though it helped, the... READ MORE

I Want to Get Liposuction on the Outside of my Thighs to Correct Lumps From Lipo 15 Years Ago?

I want to get liposuction on the outside of my thighs because 15 years ago I had a lipo and I am left with bumps and holes, it looks awful if smarlipo... READ MORE

Should I Get Lipo on my Upper Abdomen for a More Balanced Look? I Want My Pooch to Go Away!

I had lipo on my lower abdomen 5 weeks ago. I'm starting to see SLIGHT reduction, however, I still have a pooch, and now my upper ab is more... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to redo lipo after 3 months if my fat feels soft since first lipo session did not remove all fat? (photo)

Doctor did not remove all fat apparently and is advising me to do another lipo after 3 months. He mentioned that because I was screaming and moving it... READ MORE

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