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Incisions Like Itchy Mosquito Bites

Had Liposuction with BodyJet done, at about day 10 Post-OP began to notice skin was itchy. After another day, each incision site was puffy, red and... READ MORE

What are the Symptoms of an Infection?

I wear my compression garment daily and had lipo on my thighs and knees. How would I be able to tell if I had an infection? What would cause an... READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling Last After Liposuction when You Get an Infection?

I had liposuction on my abdominals and flanks 5 weeks ago. During the 2nd week I got an infection and it went undiscovered for almost a week. My... READ MORE

I'm Concerned Arm is Infected After Removal of Stitches? (photo)

I had lipo of arms, stomach, back on 3/25. I didn't think stitches on right arm were done properly bc it was much looser/placed on edge. They were... READ MORE

Seroma or Hemotoma-should It Be Drained? (photo)

So I went to doctor with the advice from doctors on here. My GP said it was infected, put me on Cephalexin 500mg- 4 times a day, and told me to go see... READ MORE

Liposuction Scars Are Suppose to Hurt After over a Year Ago?

Hi i had a tummy tuck and lipo in my back arms and inner thighs..after i came back i caught a bad infection in my back after over a year and... READ MORE

How likely that seroma, incapsulated, 4 months post surgery, will go away on its own?

I had smart liposuction of abdomen 4 month ago, and today ultrasound showed a seroma. It is hard to touch and can be painful when in tight touch with... READ MORE

Is Hard Swollen Area Indicative of Infection? Ace Bandages OK As Additional Compression for a Inconsitently Compressive Garment?

12 days post lipo of i/o thighs/knees/calves/ankles. Right calf hardening in addition to swelling. Seen by nurse as PS is on vacation. No idea if... READ MORE

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