1 Day Post-op + Liposuction

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How Tight Should a Compression Garment Be?

I am one day post op for lipo of the abdomen and flanks. The compression garment I was sent home in had clasps up the front (with pads under to absorb... READ MORE

Possible to Work out the Day After Liposuction?

Had lipo to trunk and thighs yesterday. Feeling pretty good today, even without pain medication. Really want to get on the elliptical at a slow pace.... READ MORE

What is the Best Position to Sleep After my Tumescent Liposuction of Abdomen and Flanks?

I recently had tumescent liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen and flanks. I also had fat transfer/butt lift. How should I be sleeping, the after... READ MORE

How Long Does Nerve Pain Usually Last While Healing After Liposuction?

I had liposuction on my inner& outer thighs, hip, and abdomen yesterday. Right now, I'm experiencing minimal buising and pain is tolerable.... READ MORE

Love Handles Uneven Right After Liposuction

I had abdominal lipo yesterday, and the right and left sides of my waist are distinctly uneven. My left side cuts in sharply at the bottom of my rib... READ MORE

Post Liposuction: Why Do You Need to Keep Your Head Elevated and Wear a Compression Garment?

Hi I just had liposuction on my cheeks yesterday (previously had fat transferred there). The doctor had told me to keep my head elevated when sleeping... READ MORE

Should I Have Seen Results Immediately Post-op - Lipo?

I had lipo on my inner thighs/knees yesterday. It was tumescent/smart lipo with suction. My surgeon removed approx x500cc from each thigh + inner knee... READ MORE

Tips for a Speedy Recovery from Lypo.? I Am on Day 1

Tips for a Speedy Recovery from Lypo.? I Am on Day 1 READ MORE

Can I Lose Weight Once I'm Back into my Gym Routine, As Well As Maintaining my Healthy Diet?

Can I lose weight after lipo? I had my procedure yesterday and wanted to know once I'm in my gym routine, will I be able to lose weight as the... READ MORE

Compression Garments and Itching. Is it okay not to wear it at this point? 1 day post-op.

I had liposuction i. My flank area yesterday but have found it impossible to we my compression garment this far because of extreme itchiness. I plan... READ MORE

I just had liposuction of the abdomen yesterday and the contour isn't smooth. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just had liposuction of the abdomen yesterday. I believe he did some upper abdominal etching too. I know it has only been 24 hours but I'm nervous... READ MORE

I had liposuction yesterday on flanks, abs, thighs, & knees. I see a hole in my skin. Is this normal?

I see the holes in my skin but my thighs do not look any different at all. Is this normal ? My PS is not having me wear any compression at all on my... READ MORE

Where should my compression garment be worn after my lipo of upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and bra rolls?

I'm one day post-op and I think my c.g. has ridden up. My doctor used a garment that wraps around me, like a wide Ace bandage, and is held in place... READ MORE

Today I had Liposuction of my inner and outer thighs. I would like to know how valuable the netting is?

'=Today I had liposuction on my inner and outer thighs. Last week I had liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen. I was wrapped so tight in ace... READ MORE

Why I don't feel any pain after liposuction??

I had liposuction yesterday on my inner tights, belly and waist. I dont feel any pain or discomfort or anything at all on my waist and upper belly. Is... READ MORE

Does Ultrasonic Liposuction cause hearing loss?

I had my treatment 24 hrs ago for my chin and technician did the operation with a big device designed for body not for face. I heard so loud noise in... READ MORE

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