Liposculpture Videos

CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction: Learn the Pros and Cons of Both

There are pros and cons to both CoolSculpting and liposuction. What are they? Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr. has the details. VIEW NOW

What Are the Best Anti-Aging Treatments For the Neck?

The neck is a difficult area to improve, says Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman, but there are options. What are they? Let the doctor explain. VIEW NOW

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What Is IPL? Learn How It Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Ever heard of IPL? Here's what you need to know about this skincare technique, as described by Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman. VIEW NOW

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What's the Deal With These Fancy Liposuction Techniques?

Liposuction seems like a fairly straightforward procedure but yet there are so many offshoots that offer more fat suction, less bruising, quicker recoveries. Dr. Richard Hodnett discusses these techniques and offers his personal opinions. VIEW NOW


Inside the Operating Room: High-Definition Liposuction Gives This Patient Six-Pack Abs!

Dr. Aamod Rao gives a consumer extra definition with high-definition liposuction that carves out six-pack abs. See the startling before and after! VIEW NOW


Turn Those Love Handles Into a Big, Beautiful Butt (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Johnny Franco takes extra fat from around this patient's midsection and thighs and sculpts it into a big, beautiful backside. Watch this fat transfer technique in the OR. VIEW NOW


If You Are Considering Liposuction, Watch This First

Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis explains the ideal candidate for liposuction and why someone might be discouraged from getting this procedure. VIEW NOW

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Various Liposuction Techniques Will Deliver Individualized Results

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the advances in liposuction and the types that he currently uses in his practice. VIEW NOW

Liposuction vs. Liposculpture: What's the DIfference?

Dr. Victor Perez explains the difference between these very similar procedures. VIEW NOW

Men and Liposuction: All About Awareness and Availability

Men are a growing population in plastic surgery and especially body sculpting, so Dr. Nick Slenkovich explores the reasons behind this male upsurge. VIEW NOW

Is Liposuction Really as Violent as It Looks?

Dr. Nick Slenkovich knows that we've all seen the videos of liposuction and would like to put the assumption to rest that it is a violent procedure. VIEW NOW

Is SAFE Lipo Really More Safe Than Other Variations?

The word "safe" in SAFE lipo may be extra appealing to those anxious patients but Dr. Nick Slenkovich explains that it's not necessarily more safe than other techniques. VIEW NOW

Giving a Massive Weight Loss Patient Their Dream Body Is "Particularly Satisfying"

Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh talks about the struggles of the leftover skin following a massive weight loss and how she can address that in the OR. VIEW NOW

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What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated With Liposuction?

Dr. Larry Schlesinger explains just how many unique uses there are for liposuction in treating problem areas around the body. VIEW NOW

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You'll Likely Weigh 10 Pounds Heavier After Liposuction — Here's Why

Dr. Larry Schlesinger explains the recovery process after liposuction, advising patients not to step on a scale. VIEW NOW