Nerve Damage + Lipoma Removal

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Best Surgeon and Method for Removal of Lipoma at Base of Neck?

I've had lipoma approx. 15 years w/no issues. Last year growing and more painful - appears to be interfering with neck nerves (dizziness, sharp... READ MORE

Facial Lipoma Next To Eye

Hello! My husband is planning to get a facial lipoma removed, and the lipoma is actually right next to his right eye. The doctor's have told him... READ MORE

Do Lipomas Interfere with Nerves ?

My husband has a lipoma on his left shoulder blade the size of a golf ball and loses the feeling in his arm every so often, suffers alot of backpain... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal from Behind Knee - Is It Possible for Nerve Damage to Affect the Ligament?

I had a lipoma removed behind my knee, just above the joint. Now I have numbness below the skin from the wound to the mid-section of the calf and I... READ MORE

Numbness / Weakness 3 Days After Lipoma Removal

I had a 1.5 x .625 in lipoma removed about 2.5 inches above my wrist bone. It is now three days post surgery and I am still having sustained... READ MORE

Lipoma on Forehad Recurring for 4th Time in 12 Years, What Should I Do?

I've had it removed each time by plastic surgeon and each time I* have nerve damage to left eye which causes my eye to be a little smaller. It is... READ MORE

What is the chance of nerve damage from lipoma surgery ?

I have lipoma under my jaw line. The tumor is the size of a grape. I had a ct scan and the doctor says it is against my nerve. I have a little pain... READ MORE

What type of surgeon should operate on my lipoma in my arm, just south of my elbow; concerned about nerve damage? (photo)

Per the radiology report: it's a well encapsulated fatty mass in the antecubital soft tissues along the proximal radial cortex measuring 5.0x3.2x3.1... READ MORE

Is there a doctor in Omaha, Nebraska or even in another state who removes Episacroiliac Lipoma also known as a back mouse?

To Whom It May Concern: Hello, I am in a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska with a diagnosis of Episacroiliac Lipoma - back mouse. I have been through all... READ MORE

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