Lip Augmentation Videos

1st Time Lip Injections — See This Woman's Results With Restylane Silk

Dr. James W. Goodnight shows you the swelling the next morning and the final volume increase one week after lip enhancement with Restylane Silk. VIEW NOW

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Lip Augmentation With Juvederm: See This Woman's Natural Looking Results

Dr. Johnny Franco performed this young woman's lip augmentation using Juvederm. VIEW NOW

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Lip Enhancement With Juvederm — See This Woman's Procedure

Dr. Johnny Franco fills this woman's upper and lower lip with Juvederm. VIEW NOW

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This Woman Gets Significant Lip Volume With 1 Syringe of Voluma

Dr. James W. Goodnight enhances this woman's lips with one syringe of Voluma. See her results over three days. VIEW NOW

Is Lip Augmentation Worth It? How Much Does It Cost?

Dr. Scott W. Harris explains three options for lip augmentation and how much each costs. VIEW NOW

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"I've Never Done This Before" — Learn What Laura Wants (Part 1)

Meet Laura and learn about her experience with Dr. Lisa Airan. VIEW NOW

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This Woman Gets Plump Lips With Restylane Silk

Using microcannulas to limit pain, bruising, and swelling, Dr. Jason Emer uses Restylane Silk to fill this woman's lips. VIEW NOW


Shaping the Lips With Restylane: The Doctor Explains His Process

Dr. Jason Emer uses Restylane Silk to shape and define the lips. Watch as he works with this woman. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Injects Restylane Silk — Have This Facial Option Explained

Dr. Paul L. Leong explains what Restylane Silk is and then demonstrates how he uses it. VIEW NOW

4 Years of Results: Watch What Fat Transfer and Lasers Did for this Woman

Follow this woman over four years of fat transfers, Smart Lipo, and fractional CO2 laser treatments. VIEW NOW

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$11,000 Later: See This Woman's Results From a Combined Tummy Tuck and Facelift

This 65-year-old woman got a facelift and a tummy tuck from Dr. Guillermo Koelliker and his medical partner. "Two surgeons in the OR makes for a safer, faster procedure," explains Dr. Koelliker. VIEW NOW

See Before & After Photos From This 63-Year-Old Woman's SMAS Facelift

This 63-year-old woman got a forehead lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, mid-face lift, and neck lift followed by lip injections and dermabrasion eight days post-op. VIEW NOW

This Woman Got a Liquid Facelift 3 Months Ago

This woman got Voluma to her cheeks, Belotero and Restylane to her lower eyelids and lips. VIEW NOW

2 Syringes of Belotero Led to This Woman's Results

This woman's never had lip injections before. See here results with Belotero. VIEW NOW