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Can I Stil Get Lasik if I've Abused Contact Lens Wear in the Past?

I admit that I am a contact lens abuser. For many years I have slept in them and my doctor has told me my eyes have been deprived of oxygen and I now... READ MORE

Ghosting After Wavefront Lasek

I had wavefront LASEK on one eye, two months ago using Wavelight Allegretto . Since then my vision has become sharp except for residual ghosting. The... READ MORE

11 Days Post Lasek with Ghosting in Right Eye

I had lasek 11 days ago and my distance vision is very good. However, when I read or look at a computer screen I have some ghosting in my right eye.... READ MORE

I StilI Have a Ghosting Image in my Left Eye After 2 Lasik Treatment Revisions

I stilI have a ghosting image in my left eye after lasik treatment, my doctor redo the treatment 2 times and now i still have the problem, i... READ MORE

Glare, Starbursts, Double Vision (Day and Night) @ 16 Months Post LASIK. DC Area.

Had LASIK 16mths ago and suffer from GASH & ghosting. Gets worse in low light but there's lots of glare during DAY (from headlights). Ghosting... READ MORE

21 Months After LASIK, Distance Vision is Blurry with Ghosting?

3/27/11 Doc said I was nearsighted/astigmatism. Followup visits said I had 20/15 vision, even though letters appeared fuzzy. Explained having blurred... READ MORE

Ghosting after lasik? (photo)

I had Lasik about one month I noticed that I was seeing shadows or double vision of the object that I am looking at just in my right eye ( I see 2... READ MORE

Slight ghosting/blurring 6 weeks post LASIK?

I had Lasik about 6 weeks ago. Since having the procedure I have noticed that I have a slight ghosting image only in my right eye that appears... READ MORE

The best time for the enhancement ? When should I expect glare and ghosting to go away ?

Whenever spoken of the general consensus has been that the enhancement should be done after 3 months. However my surgeon is insisting that i do it... READ MORE

4 days post op, I have bad night vision and ghosting after LASIK. Is this normal?

I had wavefront custom lasix 4 days ago and im having terrible night vision especially with stop lights and some blurred vision and ghosting. Its more... READ MORE

2 months post-op LASIK, still ghosting/double vision in one eye. Is this normal?

So,I am currently 2 month post-op LASEK and still experiencing ghosting or double vision on 1 eye,its been on this eye for quite a while now...never... READ MORE

When will the ghost ,halo problem go away post LASIK ?

I did a LASIK almost a week ago and I'm facing certain vision problems,such as HALO and Ghost visions.It isn't that severe ,the vision is a little... READ MORE

Blurry vision 4 months after LASIK normal?

I had blade less LASIK 4 months ago and one of my eyes is still blurry, especially at night. During the day I see glows, and ghosting, and at night... READ MORE

Ghosting, both eyes, after repeated LASIK. Will it improve?

After 3-1/2 years ,3 LASIK treatments left eye, 4 LASIK enhancements right eye, (both astigmatism distance vision) the ghosting both my eyes still... READ MORE

Ghosting 8 Years After Lasik, What Can I do?

Hi, I had lasik 8 years ago. I have always had problematic night vision and starbursts with all lights during the day but have coped with this. Now... READ MORE

Epi-Lasik Astigmatism Correction?

I had -0.75 with-0.75 cyl. in my eye before I underwent Epi-Lasik with PRK 7 weeks ago.Since a week after that I have been seeing ghostly images in my... READ MORE

4th month post LASIK. Zero improvement in glare, halos. Ghosting at night and floaters in the day are a havoc. Please advise

I got glasses made to see if any of my problems are due to a refractive Unfortunately using glasses has only made my vision marginally sharp but... READ MORE

Would an Enhancement Would Be Recommendable for Me?

I had lasik surgery on my left eye in july 2012. My prescription prior the surgery was +1.50, -5.00 x 175 cycloplegic refract: +2.50, -6.00 x 175.... READ MORE

How much should a residual refractive error of -.25 after LASIK impact night vision?

I had LASIK (intralase/allegreto wave eye q) 3.5 months ago, and my night vision in one eye is awful. I do have -.25 residual error in that eye, but... READ MORE

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