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Dark Spots on Legs. How Do I Get Rid of Them?

I'm 19, I used to have eczema when I was about 11-14, I'm now left with dark spots on my lower legs. I've been to dermatologists and they... READ MORE

Laser Burn Due to Laser Resurfacing.

I am 22yrs indian female with dark skin, 2days ago I went for photo rejuvenation. Immediately after the treatment my skin started burning and now I... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing for Large Pores and Light Freckles?

I'm 20 years old, and have enlarged pores, light freckles, and redness around the nose I would like to get rid of. What would be the best... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment Would Be Beneficial for Facial Hyperpigmentaion for African American? (photo)

I am 20 yrs old an have struggle a while with hyperpigmentation. Several years ago I had a bad case of chicken pox an went through procedure to remove... READ MORE

I Am 19 Years Old and Have Brown Spots on my Face Since I Was 10 Under my Chin, Options?

Hii...i am 19 years old and have brown spots on my face since i was 10....i thought may be they will go away with time but they didnt...please help... READ MORE

Solutions to remove pitted scars?

I am a 22 Asian girl. I have several pitted acne scar on both of my cheeks, and I also have oily skin with enlarged pores and broken capilaries around... READ MORE

Laser resurfacing. Are the results permanent?

I m 23 years old. I have acne scars and pores, so i m planning to take laser surfacing treatment but i am hestitaing because i heard that results are... READ MORE

How much does laser resurfacing cost?

W much does laser resurfacing cost? I have Acne Scaring due to my Teen years but now at 20 I would like cost does anyone know how much it would cost,... READ MORE

What is the best most effective way to get rid of wrinkles on fingers/hands? (Photo)

I have very small, wrinkly fingers/hands. Whats the best way to get rid of the wrinkles on my fingers mostly, my hands where my knuckles aren't as... READ MORE

I have large pores and stretch marks on my breasts. Can you get laser resurfacing treatments in this area?

I am 18 years old, I don't know really what causes large pores on breasts but I do know that I don't like the way they look on my breast. My breasts... READ MORE

Would laser resurfacing treatment help with my mild acne scarring and hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have never had severe acne, but I always have 2 or three on my face which are always deep, cystic pimples that won't go away until picks... READ MORE

My name is Dillon and I'm 18 for deep acne scars, is laser resurface the best option?

Back in 2013 I had severe acne and was put on a course of isotretinoin for 6 months(60mg) which worsened it even more and eventually required a 3... READ MORE

How Effective is Lux 2940 on Sun Damage?

I am 24 with severe sun damage. I would like to get my fine lines lasered off. Is this a bad idea? The laser available to me to have used is a Lux... READ MORE

Olive Skin. Benzoyl peroxide bleached a couple areas on my face. Laser resurfacing?

Hello, I am a 19 year old male Italian, I used to have pimples when I went through puberty so I went to the dermatologist. She used to give me pills... READ MORE

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