Laser Liposuction Videos

Liposuction Techniques

Doctor Bob Basu discusses the many different Liposuction techniques and how to choose. VIEW NOW

New Laser Assisted Liposuction Technology Offers Additional Safety Features

Dr. David Amron discusses some of the new technologies that he has welcomed into his own practice and their new features that make the treatments far more safe for patients than ever before, on top of offering better results. VIEW NOW

The Difference Between Laser and Regular Liposuction

Doctor David Amron discusses the difference between laser and regular liposuction. VIEW NOW

Liposonix (Non-Surgical Body Contouring)

Doctor Edward J. Bednar performs a Liposonix procedure and discusses the benefits of this body contouring process. VIEW NOW

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Body Contouring: Learn Your Surgical and Non-Surgical Options

Dr. Sean A. Simon discusses the variety of body contouring options available, ranging from the surgical to the non-surgical. VIEW NOW

Types of Liposuction Used for Body Contouring

Dr. Sally Booth discusses body contouring options using radio frequency, tumescent liposuction, or laser liposuction. VIEW NOW