Laser Hair Removal Videos

See This Woman Get Laser Hair Removal From Head to Toe in Under 2 Minutes

Dr. James W. Goodnight performs full body laser hair removal on this woman using two diode lasers simultaneously. The treatment is typically completed in 30 minutes. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Demonstrates Laser Hair Removal on This Woman's Chin and Upper Lip

Dr. James W. Goodnight uses the Diode Laser and Zimmer cooler for comfort, to remove facial hair from this woman's chin and lip areas. VIEW NOW

Laser Hair Removal for Men — The Most Popular Areas Are...

Laser hair removal is a common non-invasive treatment requested by men. Dr. Jed H. Horowitz explain what areas are most popular and how the technology works. VIEW NOW

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Laser Hair Removal: What to Expect From Treatment

Dr. Dennis R. Ward talks about treatment times, pain level, and who is a candidate for laser hair removal. VIEW NOW


Lightsheer Duet: Laser Hair Reduction Without Pain

Dr. Sabrina Fabi explains a vacuum-assisted, laser hair reduction technology that can be used on darker skin tones. VIEW NOW

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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? Your Answer in Under a Minute

Laser hair removal is a simple procedure but does it hurt? Dr. Ariel Ostad has the answer. VIEW NOW

How Quick Is Laser Hair Removal? See For Yourself

Watch this demonstration of laser hair removal from the underarms, as performed by Dr. Michael A. Zadeh. VIEW NOW


I Miss My Boyfriend's Chest Hair! Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Dr. Ross Clevens sheds some light on the real process of laser hair removal. VIEW NOW

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Anal Rejuvenation, Hair Removal, Skin Bleaching, and More!

Anal rejuvenation. It's a thing and it's growing in popularity! Dr. Jennifer Ahdout explains what this new trend means and how it's done. VIEW NOW


The Nuances of Treating Asian Skin and Why the Choice of Laser is so Important

Dr. Michele Green discusses why Asian skin needs special lasers to treat fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and hair removal. VIEW NOW

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Picking the Best Hair Removal Laser For Your Skin Type

Dr. Michele S. Green explains why choosing the right laser hair machine is important for your specific skin type. VIEW NOW


How Many Treatments Are Necessary For Laser Hair Removal?

Dr. Michael Zadeh talks about why multiple treatments of laser hair removal are needed to get the best results. VIEW NOW

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Help! I Have Acne — Paula Begoun and Dr. Daniel Levy on Fast Fixes

Is it OK to squeeze a pimple? “Cosmetics Cop” Paula Begoun and dermatologist Dr. Daniel Levy share their advice for battling acne. VIEW NOW

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Laser Hair Removal For Light Hair: Is It Even Possible?

Brandie Gostigian, a physician's assistant at Dr. Kent Hasen's office, discusses how laser hair removal works and which type of hair responds best. VIEW NOW

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Which Laser Hair Removal System Works Best?

Nurse Tracy Barlow, who works alongside Dr. Michael Law, explains that no single laser is best for all skin types. Dark skin requires a laser with a longer wavelength than lighter skin. VIEW NOW

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