Labiaplasty Videos

Labiaplasty: More Popular Now Than Ever Before! But Why?

Once a little discussed surgery, labiaplasty is on the rise. Dr. Christine Hamori explains why the number of procedures grew by 44 percent between 2012 and 2013. VIEW NOW


What Kind of Pain Should I Expect After a Labiaplasty?

Dr. Gary Alter explains why a certain technique of labiaplasty will lead to less pain during recovery, as well as why a trained plastic surgeon should operate as opposed to a gynecologist. VIEW NOW

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Porn and Its Influence on Women and Their Self-Confidence

Many still wonder if the porn industry is what has caused women to become more self-conscious about their vaginas, or was it something else? Dr. Laurie Casas explains. VIEW NOW

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What's the Difference Between Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty?

Dr. Francisco Canales describes the difference between labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. VIEW NOW

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What Are the Reasons to Get a Labiaplasty?

Dr. Francisco Canales explains that some women may not like the look of their vaginas, while others have lifestyle issues related to enlarged labia. Either one is a great reason to consider getting a labiaplasty. VIEW NOW

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Labiaplasty Risks: Removing Too Much Skin

One major risk of labiaplasty is the removal of too much skin, and Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses what can happen if this occurs. VIEW NOW

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Can I Lose Sensation From Having a Labiaplasty Procedure?

Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses the likelihood that a patient would permanently loose sensation after a labiaplasty as well as a few measures the surgeon can take to ensure this doesn't happen. VIEW NOW

Labiaplasty Patients Heal Faster With Local Anesthesia

Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses why she prefers to use only local anesthesia during a labiaplasty procedure. VIEW NOW

Pain After Labiaplasty: What's Normal?

Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses the possibilities of varying amounts of pain after a labiaplasty procedure. VIEW NOW

Time Off For a Vaginoplasty Depends on the Patient's Job

Recovering from any surgery take a large toll on your body so Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses how much time is necessary for patients to set aside for a vaginoplasty. VIEW NOW

Comfort Is Key on the Day of Labiaplasty Surgery

Dr. Dana Goldberg explains how many measures are taken to make sure the patient stays comfortable before, during, and after a labiaplasty procedure. VIEW NOW

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"Will It Hurt to Go to the Bathroom After Labiaplasty?" Popular Recovery Questions Answered

When talking about surgery "down there," Dr. Dana Goldberg definitely says there will be some discomfort during normal activities. VIEW NOW

Give Sex a Rest: How Long After Labiaplasty Should Intimacy Wait?

Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses the timeline for sexual intercourse following a labiaplasty. VIEW NOW

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Should I Wait Until After I Have Kids to Get a Labiaplasty?

There really is no right time, explains Dr. Dana Goldberg, to have a labiaplasty procedure done, and it will work well either before or after childbearing. VIEW NOW

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What Is the Follow-Up Schedule After a Labiaplasty?

Dr. Dana Goldberg explains when she likes to see her patients again after a labiaplasty. VIEW NOW

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