Headache + Juvederm

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Blurred Vision Dizzy Headache After Juvederm Between Brows, Normal?

I had juvederm 2 to glabellar lines and wrinkles on top of nose almost 3 weeks ago and juvederm ultra to cheeks and nose to mouth lines approximately... READ MORE

Black Eye After Juvederm Injection

Why do I have a black eye after a Juvederm injection to put volume into my cheeks? I had a Juvederm injection on Friday. That evening and the next day... READ MORE

Severe Neurological Symptoms After Juvederm, What Can I Do?

Hi please advice have now been suffering severe symptoms almost 3 months after juvederm ultra 2 injected into glabella area.Have seen... READ MORE

Headaches After Filler for Temporal Hollows- Are They Related? What Can I Do?

I have recently had 1ml of juvederm 4 in my left temple area, and since about a week after I have been having persistent headaches. I don't know... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Get Headaches After Juvederm in Tear Trough? (photo)

I had juvederm injected in my tear trough two weeks ago. The initial bruising is clearing up. There is still swelling and bluish bruises under the... READ MORE

Vuloma Juviderm in Cheeks and Have Swelling? Pain and Bruising. Removed, Have Pain and Headache?

I had Juviderm vuloma (1 unit) injected into my cheeks and swelled. One side of my face was very painful and bruised. I went back the next morning and... READ MORE

Juvederm and Possible Headaches?

I had Juvederm ultra injected last Friday in the lines between my mouth and nose. I had minor bruises and no swelling and everything was ok. But on... READ MORE

I received juvederm 2 weeks ago, since then I've had burning eyes and extreme jaw pain. Could they be related? Other causes?

After receiving juvederm 2 weeks ago I was very sick for a week. I was tired, weak, numb and tingly face and arms, headache, burning eyes. I felt like... READ MORE

It is common to get flu-symptoms after Juvederm?

I had one syringe to NL folds on 09/19 and got flu symptoms the next day. I had another syringe yesterday and now feel terrible - hot, headache, faint... READ MORE

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