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How Many Sessions to Remove Juvederm from Entire Face?

I had a "liquid face lift" 2 months ago and it dragged my entire face down. There are many creases and lumps that are very strange and... READ MORE

Horizontal Line Under my Nose After Lip Filler? (photo)

I had lip filler injected, since then everytime I smile I get a deep horizontal line above my upper lip, underneath my nose. It's very noticeable and... READ MORE

Juvederm Injected ABOVE Crease?

I had Juvederm injected today to soften my laugh lines. There was sagging cheek tissue above them, which bothered me. The doctor injected the filler... READ MORE

Why did my doctor tell me not to put Juvederm in my tear ducts but in my cheeks? (Photo)

Today I had an appt for Juvederm to fill in the bags under my eyes. I have a deep crease from my tear ducts. When I went in the doctor told me I did... READ MORE

2 Cc's Total: Under Eyes, Lips (Mostly Upper) and Smile Lines, Creases of Mouth. Hate It So Far! Will This Improve? (photo)

2.5 Days Now. I am horrified by the size of my lips, the swelling and pillows under my eyes. It has been 2.5 days now...will this really improve...? I... READ MORE

How many tubes of juvederm will I need?

I have deep wrinkles above both upper and bottom lips. Creases at both corners of lower lip . Will juvaderm do the trick. READ MORE

Juvaderm Injected Under Eyes, in Lips and in Creases Around This Normal I Am Toally Freaking Out?

I asked the injector for "natural lips". This is what I have now...2 1/2 days later...I emailed the lady who did this and she said it will take 5 days... READ MORE

New vertical creases adjacent to Jowel lines 9 days after lip filler injections. Will they go away? (photos)

10 days after lip filler and I have a vertical crease in each side of my upper lip adjacent to my Jowel lines. I don't want to get more filler or... READ MORE

How can marionette lines at 23 years old be less visible? Would filler help or deepen on the long-term the creases?

I feel like Juvederm would fill the lines but make my skin heavy and on the long-run cause even deeper wrinkles. I am not sure wither filler from... READ MORE

Juvederm injected in crease & wrinkles by mouth. Dr.said results in 5 days. Read should see immediate results! Which is correct?

When will I see results from Juviderm? I just was injected and see no change. My doctor stated that it takes up to 5 days to see results. I have read... READ MORE

I had juvederm ultra to volume my lips with a cannula. What can I do about the indentation it left?

The cannula left a lump, dent and crease in my face, making me look way older I have been unhappy with the result. The lips, 3 months on have settled... READ MORE

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