6 Weeks Post-op + Juvederm

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How Long Will It Take to Heal from Hemosiderin Staining Resulting from Juvederm Injection to the Under Eye Area? (photo)

I had Juvederm injected in my cheeks 6 weeks ago. I was bruised badly. Had a hematoma. 4 weeks ago I had it dissolved with Vitrase. I still have the... READ MORE

Is the Blue Tinge Under my Eyes Still Bruising After Tear Trough Injections Under the Eyes 6 Weeks Ago?

6 weeks ago I had Juvaderm injected into my tear troughs by a board certified plastic surgeon. At a follow up appointment with him 2 weeks ago, he... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Make Your Eye Bags More Droopy?

I had Juvederm around a month and a half ago, i had half what they recommended being one injection for both eye trough area, and a little in the... READ MORE

Juvederm in Cheek Resulted in Unilateral Eye Bag?

I had juvederm injected in my cheek bone area for enhancement (1/2 syringe/ side). 4 months later, I had additional juvederm (1/2 syringe/side)... READ MORE

My Juvederm Lasted 6 Weeks, Was There an Error in Product or Doctor? (photo)

My juvederm lasted 6 weeks. yes, weeks. Was there an error in product or Doctor. my first two weeks I loved it by week four it was hardly noticable... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Puffy Lip 6 Weeks After Juverderm?

I had juverderm for upper lip wrinkles 6 weeks ago. My surgeon gave me 2 syringes in my upper lip and now it's so puffy I'm so embarresed to... READ MORE

Swelling in the Lips After Tear Through?????

For about 7 month ago I got juvederm in my lips. And the 22 augst I decided to get tear through, and the 12 september I got some more in. But after... READ MORE

6 weeks post op of Juvederm, I have jaw pain and intermittent swelling of lips, marionette and nasolabial areas. Is this normal?

I had one syringe total injected for juvederm for marionette, nasobial and upper and lower lip lines. Had this done one year ago without any... READ MORE

Possible Allergy to Juvederm?

I had juvederm (1 unit) put into my mid face six weeks ago, and again (1unit) a month ago. It looked natural and I was happy with the result. 2 days... READ MORE

Delayed Migrating or Swelling after Filler treatment.

Could there be a possiblity of delayed migrating of the filler ?...and should I try cold compresses to reduce the slight swelling that I have or... READ MORE

My wife had Juvederm Injections in her cheek 6 weeks ago and the swelling has returned, should we be concerned?

Her injections were done by an RN. She had some minor swelling and redness for a couple of days following. But over this past weekend her cheeks have... READ MORE

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