Asymmetry + Invisalign

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Can Invisalign Fix Teeth That Are Horizontally Not Aligned?

I had braces at 12, now I'm turning 20 and the upper and lower plate don't match up, ie the midpoint of upper and lower are at different... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct Midline Asymmetry?

The midline of my upper teeth is not aligned to that of my lower ones (about 3mm off), and I have two "bites" - one makes my face really... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Help Correct a Bad Bite That is Causing Jaw Asymmetry?

Hi I'm a 25 year old considering invisalign, My upper teeth currently slope down to the left side of my face. As a result of this my lower teeth are... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Help my Front Teeth from Rotating Further, and my Bottom Teeth from Being Crowded? (photo)

It seems like my front teeth have been turning more and more inwards over the years, and it's bothering me to no end; my bottom teeth are pretty... READ MORE

Can I fix my midline off asymmetrical teeth? (photo)

Hello! advice needed on fixing my asymmetrical smile. When I was young I has gaps between my teeth, and eventually all the teeth came together when my... READ MORE

Will Invisalign fix my anterior crossbite? (Photo)

I'm a 26 year old female with an anterior crossbite that I want to treat. According to my dentist, it stems mostly from the fact that my upper jaw is... READ MORE

Final plan at the orthodontist appointment, but I am not convinced it is optimal. What are my options? (photos)

Invisalign treatment. After the first planning, the size and symmetry of the upper teeth were not taken into consideration. I asked for corrections.... READ MORE

Will my Midline Asymmetry Automatically Be Corrected with Invisalign Without Going over the Issue in my Consultation?

I am currently completing an Invisalign Express treatmement. I am only on the third set, so I have not seen a lot of change just yet. I am correcting... READ MORE

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