Injectable Fillers Videos

Restylane For Lip Augmentation: Watch the Injection

This 29-year-old patient has her lips filled using Restylane. Dr. Jennifer Reichel demonstrates. VIEW NOW

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Injectable Fillers vs. Facial Fat Transfers: The Pros and Cons of Each Treatment

Drs. Jason Litner and Peyman Solieman explain the differences between facial fat transfers and injectable fillers for treating under eye hollows and dark circles. VIEW NOW


Voluma in Action: See the Results of Injections to the Cheeks

Dr. Michel Siegel adds Voluma to his patient's cheeks to add volume and restore her youthful appearance. Can you see the difference? VIEW NOW

Botox and Fillers 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Have your basic questions answered by Dr. David Mabrie as he discusses Botox and injectable fillers. VIEW NOW


Treating Mild Under Eye Bags Non-Surgically — Is It Possible?

This 33-year-old patient wants her mild under eye bags gone. Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses what may be behind the bags and how to treat them. VIEW NOW

Tear Troughs: Can They Be Fixed and How?

Deep tear troughs may seem permanent but Dr. Amiya Prasad explains the various treatment options including hyaluronic acid fillers and/or platelet rich plasma (PRP) to add volume and improve skin quality. VIEW NOW

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How Much Do Fillers Cost? Learn What Can Impact the Price You Pay

Filler treatment prices vary widely and here's why. Dr. Dana Goldberg gives an overview of what to expect with some of the market's hottest products. VIEW NOW

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How Long Do Facial Filler Treatments Last?

You want to get the most bang for your buck, right? Dr. Dana Goldberg explains how long you should expect to see your facial filler treatments last. VIEW NOW

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How Are Fillers Used to Fight Signs of Aging?

Dr. Dana Goldberg explains the different type of fillers and how they can play a part in keeping your skin looking fresh. VIEW NOW

Fill Me In: Learn What's to Come in the World of Fillers

Fillers have come a long way in recent years. Dr. Nissan Pilest discusses the 10 different fillers currently on the US market. VIEW NOW

Can I Reverse My Filler? This Is the Acid You Need to Know About

Unhappy with your fillers? Dr. Elizabeth Houshmand explains if and how you can reverse the work. VIEW NOW

To Fill or Not to Fill? There's a Way to Get Fillers Without Looking "Done"

One syringe of filler is only about one teaspoon of product, says Dr. Erica Linnell. Hear the doctor's suggestions for getting fillers without looking overdone. VIEW NOW


Acne's Bad Enough But Those Scars? Get Rid of Them With These Skincare Options

Lasers, fillers, micro-needling — these are just three options available for those looking to be rid of their acne scars. Dr. David J. Myers has answers for you. VIEW NOW

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What Makes Voluma Special? This Doctor Explains How It Both Fills and Lifts

Voluma's getting a lot of buzz and here's why. Dr. Jerome Potozkin explains the newest anti-aging addition to the Juvederm family. VIEW NOW


Restylane Silk: Why You Might Be Hearing About This Injectable Gel Soon

Used abroad for years, Restylane Silk is on its way to America. Dr. Jody Comstock fills us in on the next big thing in lip injectables. VIEW NOW

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