Injectable Fillers Videos

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: Is it Possible and Who is a Good Candidate?

Injecting fillers into the nose for subtle changes is not unheard of for the right candidate, says Dr. Vish Banthia, but there are some risks that patients should be aware of. VIEW NOW

Can a Pregnant Woman Get Cosmetic Treatments or Procedures?

Pregnancy brings about many changes in a woman's body so Dr. Vish Banthia addresses the concerns over having minimally invasive injectables or highly invasive liposuction if the woman is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. VIEW NOW

Battling "Filler Fatigue" With Fat Grafting or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Filler fatigue, which refers to patients who are tired of getting constant injections of fillers to look their best, could benefit from more permanent solutions such as fat grafting or PRP, explains Dr. Vish Banthia. VIEW NOW

Fixing "Filler Fatigue" With Fat Grafts and the Future of Fat Banking

Once patients begin to tire of the temporary filler approach, they begin to look into fat grafting. Dr. Robert Centeno explains how this procedure works and what's on the horizon for this natural solution. VIEW NOW

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Watch Voluma Instantly Restore Youth to a 62-Year-Old Woman's Face

Dr. Mark Glasgold performs mid-face and lower eye rejuvenation with Voluma. See for yourself! VIEW NOW


Identifying the signs of Illegal Silicone Injections (Spanish)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia discusses the signs and symptoms of Latrogenic Allogenosis and A.S.I.A. Syndrome as they relate to illegal substance injections into the body for volume. VIEW NOW

Where to Use Fillers or Fat: There's an Algorithm For That!

Fillers and fat seem to be on a level playing field in plastic surgery but Dr. Joe Shvidler says he has an algorithm that he uses to determine what areas of the face will benefit from either fillers or fat. VIEW NOW

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What Is "Filler Fatigue" and Should I Be Concerned?

Concerned about getting "filler fatigue?" Dr. Joe Shvidler comments on this interesting phenomenon and whether he thinks it should be a real concern for patients. VIEW NOW

Treating the Mid-Face Has Been a "Challenge For Plastic Surgeons"

Dr. Joe Shvidler explains why the best treatment for the mid-face has eluded plastic surgeons for so long and what options are now available. VIEW NOW

Voluma: The Deep, Long-Lasting Anti-Aging Treatment Everyone's Talking About

Voluma is the talk of the town recently, and for good reason! Dr. Nancy Swartz talks all things Voluma, from how it's being heralded as the "Fountain of Youth" for volume loss patients and how it really is completely safe to inject into the face. VIEW NOW

In Anti-Aging Treatments, Wrinkles Come Second to Volume Loss

For years, Dr. Nancy Swartz explains, wrinkles were being targeted as a way to reverse the clock. That is, she says, until the real issue was discovered: volume loss. VIEW NOW

Correcting Under-Eye Indentations: Injectable Fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Dr. Amiya Prasad details how under-eye hollowing and the accompanying dark circles can be treated non-surgically with regenerative medicine in the form of platelet rich plasma and volume addition through fillers. VIEW NOW

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Why Are Celebrities Over-Injecting With Botox and Fillers?

In the world of a celebrity, it seems as though more is always better, but with a skilled doctor on their side, why would celebrities still over-inject? VIEW NOW

How Can You Remove FIller if the Patient Isn't 100% Happy?

Dr. Daniel Levy explains the process of dissolving a filler with another injection and explains in detail how the chemicals work. VIEW NOW

Do Plastic Surgeons Inject Themselves With Botox or Fillers?

We've all wondered it, now Dr. Daniel Levy addresses the question of whether doctors actually inject themselves with product. VIEW NOW