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What is This Sore on my Vagina From? (photo)

My bf and I had sex a couple of nights ago. He is my first partner and I went with him to get tested...he came out clean. What is this? Is it an STD?... READ MORE

Pimple Like Bumps on Shaft of Penis? (photo)

I've had these bumps on the shaft of my penis for some time now, a couple of which almost seem to be permanent. They are about the size of a pin head,... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Get Healthy Skin?

I know there are so many ways that can cause skin problems and premature aging. What are the most important things to avoid? What are the best ways to... READ MORE

Lip Injections for Preventing Cold Sores?

I get cold sores every winter. I'm wondering, if I were to get any type of lip injections, can that keep me from ever getting cold sores again? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Blow out Cartilage Through Your Nose?

I had my nose stuffed for a week since I had the flue & yesterday when I blew my nose, something white that felt like cartilage came out of my... READ MORE

Could This Be a Genital Wart? (photo)

I have a bump on the ridge if my penis it doesn't hurt our itch and is skin colored. it is slightly raised and I've had unprotected sex in the past is... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction Rash/bump or Other Near Pubic Area? (photo)

I work 70 hour weeks in a restaurant in very warm conditions. The darker brown area pictured was first a strange dark pimple that I think was caused... READ MORE

Bulging, Puffy Eyes - What's the Cause?

When I was born, I was born with weird puffy eyes above my eyelids. They are big and really buldge out. I lack self confidence, and I look ugly with... READ MORE

How to Get a Healthy Tan?

I like being tan, but aware of risk that i could get skin cancer. what's a healthy way to get a tan? READ MORE

Applying Pressure on Nose Hump?

I have an ugly hump on the bridge of my nose, so stupidly I used my fingers to just try and push it down and get rid of it... I swear it did actually... READ MORE

Nipple Areola Color Lightening

I am a 26 year old female. I have noticed that over the past couple of months my right nipple color has been getting lighter and smoother (less... READ MORE

Holistic Beauty a Rip-off?

Everyone I know has started some kind of "holistic" beauty regimen, and I'm the odd one out because I'm not sure if I believe that stuff... READ MORE

What Kind of Lump is This?

I've had this lump on my forehead for about 4 years now. I think it's getting bigger now because I've been getting questions about it a... READ MORE

What is this bump on my penis and should I see a doctor? (photo)

Started out as just your average white gland on the shaft until one day it popped on its own letting out a small pimple sized amount of stringy pus.... READ MORE

What Are These White Lumps Inside My Vagina?

They don't hurt, but never seen this before. Is it a type of wart? READ MORE

What is This Itchy Lumpy Temporary Rash All over my Body?

Have been suffering from a body rash. Started near 3rd DEC. Appears majorly on back, stomach, h&s, thighs & lower neck. Minor eruptions on... READ MORE

How to Remove Dermabond?

My 4 year old daughter fell out of her bed and cut her face in the eyebrow above her eye. The ER Dr. on duty used Dermabond to close the cut. Now we... READ MORE

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