The Most Popular Brazilian Butt Lift Transformations - 12 Before and Afters [PHOTOS]

By Nicole Karlis

Bootyful doesn't even begin to describe these BBL results. 

Anyone who spends anytime on RealSelf knows how amazingly tight (and vibrant) the Brazilian Butt Lift community is here. So we decided to pull together some of the most popular transformations -- the ones you commented the most on, and cheered on the loudest! We're featuring the before and afters, and a little update from the BBLer on their own progress. (You can watch a video version of the transformations below!).

We'll be featuring more of these every week (and in other topics, too!) so keep checking back for more. Also, if there's ever a BBL story you are loving -- feel free to let us know.

FoundUMissNewBooty: College Student Living in Sunny Florida

"Slowly but surely process in healing.... but I'm sooooo loving my curves."

BigBootyTinyWaist: Former Model, Wife and Mom of 2

"I am still in love with my results still trying to figure the best workout that will keep my stomach flat but not loose any booty but I'm happy."

BootieBeauty78: Mom of 1 Living in Georgia 

"I love my body and once I’m healed from [my] breast lift will have plenty of new pics for you ladies."

MzYummyBooty: Founder of a Hair Extension Website

"Hey ladies just came back to check in ! I'm 3 mos po and I love my body!!"

ForeverBooty: Floridian

"My butt is sooooo soft, and full feeling. :-)"

BootyLisious: Dancer Living in Jamaica 

"It's now giggly and super soft and realistic! It's not hard! :-) its still perky and big just not as crazy big as it was 2-3 months ago."

SXWallex: Single, Career-Driven 20-Something

"I love rocking my new body and I get compliments from different kinds of people everywhere I go. No one has even questioned if I've even done something because it looks so natural."

EnjoySelf: Happy Wife

"He [my doctor] gave me a sexy booty & body that always gets PLENTY of attention & compliments, even though my aim is solely for ME."

Barbz1: Miami Woman on Her Second BBL

"I know a round two was necessary after seeing my before after pics."

NjprBeauty: 37-Year-Old Looking Like 25

"5 months later I am really enjoying my results. I can wear short shorts, minis and maxi dresses that cling to my curves. These pics really don't show how big my butt is. In person my waist to hip ratio is crazy. Women ask me daily how I got my waist so"

Beautiful10: Bride-To-Be Living in Florida

"Well I am about 4 days shy of being one month post bbl touch up. I am still on the fence about my results certainly not 100% satisfied but I guess Im content with the results."

Bbeautiful2: Happy Floridian Wife 

"Im so in love with my body. Yes BODY. My butt was just the icing on the cake. I will say it has me going places. I have been traveling ever since and it has been fabulous. Im getting comments from both men and women."

BBL-ers, did we miss one of your favorite journeys? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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Wow thanks for doing this!
Great guide!
I love that most of these gals are Dr. Salama dolls cause I'm there January 16 and I hope beyond hope that I can post amazing pics like these. OMG I'm so excited and scared as sh*&t at the same time LOL.
Yes indeedy--glaringly missing is Dr. Matthew Schulman's work (Manhattan). Several Schulman dolls have done a great job chronicling their journeys. Here are a few: Increaseme, Msisiskali, Back2me45, BigButt16, Ms. Partition, Undecided1nj, 86baby, Schulman gal, Elli890. These ladies are indeed RS RealFriends as well *_^
Hello ladies. I've read the comments below and if you are plus size like myself I just wanted to let you all know that there is hope for you. My BMI is currently at 36 and it's true that some doctor's will not operate on you if your BMI is above 35. However, I have found several doctor's both in NJ and Dominican Republic who will operate on you regardless of BMI as long as you are a healthy over weight. Dra. Baez is one of those doctor's.
They all look awesome...Dr.Perry get ready!(excited)
All are the bomb .com and mostly are dr salamas witch is good 4me
All amazing!!
Can't wait
All of these ladies are looking beautiful. I think FabNewMe had a great review and her 1yr post op pictures are amazing. She has transformed beautifully. I think she should be recognized as well.
all the doctors state that they want you 10-15lbs of goal weight as possible ( i am plus size). the larger you are the more fat that needs to be transfered the larger the butt. i have seen a 200 lb woman.. with 900cc in each cheek. i can not remember the surgeon. you tell a difference but it was not what you would want..not a lot of projection.. also remember if you lose weight later you lose butt also. it is better to get down then gain alittle weight back...
I second what Royalty73 says, " These women look beautiful, but I'd love to see post op on plus size women."
I agree
Dr zollman...pull up docs in Georgia. Size 16 not plus but results are shown
These women look beautiful, but I'd love to see post op on plus size women.
even the Dras. in DR .  will not operate if you are over 35bmi....  so what are you considering full figure?. look up the bmi equation and see what the max weight for plastic surgery ...anyone over that size will not qualify so they may not exist............  
Thanks a lot, that's good to know. My home scale shows the following: 5'3" 132 lbs [gained 7 lbs currently] BMI 34.8; website w/same figures shows: BMI of 23.4? Doesn't BMI indicator also need to know if you're small boned, as I am, or have a larger bone structure to give accurate feedback? Anyone have a good answer? Thanks for any replies!
I'm loving Mz.T her results are amazing. I was told only god can make that happen. Dra.Yily must be god!
I personally love Orlando7193 RS sista!! I vote her... Thanks for asking Kirsty! I will be with them chicks in 88 days and counting..yayayay Dr Yily here I come!
I cant wait to join these ladies

These are awesome! Loving MzYummyBooty and her professional photo shoot pics!