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ResurFX is a fractional, non-ablative laser technology, commonly used in conjunction with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne and surgical scars, skin discoloration, periorbital wrinkles and stretch marks. ResurFX penetrates the lower layers of skin to stimulate collagen growth without damaging the skin’s surface.

According to its manufacturer (Lumenis) ResurFX offers a number of advantages when compared with similar treatments... 
  • faster; it treats the underlying condition in one pass without damaging the skin’s surface.
  • less painful; the device’s energy is distributed to prevent overheating and damaging skin surfaces.
  • flexible; it can be combined with fillers and neurotoxins to provide more treatment possibilities.
Please note: ResurFX is new. The details presented above are based on currently available information. We will update this page as we receive user reviews and doctor feedback. If you have personal experience with this procedure, please take a moment to write a review and share your story with the community.

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I had the Resurfx procedure just yesterday. It has bed the worst experience in my life! I would never ever do this again or reccomend it. First they need to regulate this "laser beauty" procedures as they call it. I was told same thing builds up collagen, renews skin. I am Hispanic with olive skin. I tend to break out mostly on the chin and few on cheeks. I developed pick marks from previous break outs and pigmentation. They didn't prepare me or give me any prior regimine, or warnings until after it was done. The numbing cream helped so didn't feel much of any pain just heating on the skin. After I was given a cooling mask on my face but not the chest or neck area which I noticed right away swelled and was bright red. I was told this is normal and equvlant to what a rug burn is! I was given steroid cream and told that I could use aloe Vera which actually has helped more then the steroid cream. Now I have track marks from the laser, blister on the side of my face and my chest is the worst! It really didn't have any problems but I included the chest because didn't want to leave out. It looks like I got branded like a cow with a hot stamp and I have the track marks to prove it. Some areas the laser tech went over several times and the track marks are ridiculous. I hope that this isn't permanent but I am afraid now because it really looks deep in the skin. I feel anxious, and just violated by the beauty industry that really dosent inform the public, they are more intrested in making money! I called the office yesterday and they said this was normal and it would take time. I called back today and they are closed for the 4th of July til Monday so now I have this pain, track marks, blister, swelling and complete uter discouragement to keep me company. I don't know what else to do, I been putting vit e and aloe Vera plus the cortisone cream. I am so ashamed of myself for not researching into this, and putting trust in someone at a pretty prestigious dermatology clinic but herself was not a dr. I think anyone can call themselves a laser expert! I should get my 10 yr old niece to try she might of been better then the one who multilated my skin! Please anyone do not, do not do this procedure. You will regret it for the rest of your life!!