Gender Reassignment Surgery

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With gender reassignment, a patient undergoes a series of procedures to change their physical appearance—and often the functionality of their existing sexual organs—to resemble that of the opposite sex. LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Lawton and his staff were, and continue to be, compassionate and amazing. From the consult, to the pre-op, to the day of surgery, and every follow up appointment - any question I have gets answered. Appointments can be made quickly, and I was able to schedule my surgery basically as soon as... READ MORE

I had a Double Bilateral Mastectomy to remove my 12C breasts as part of my transition into the correctly gendered body. I couldn't fault this operation/the results, the lead up to, and now the post-op care if I tried. Dr Milovic and his team are amazing, and have gone out of their way to assist... READ MORE

I wasn't sure which choice from the dropdown list was best, so I chose GRS. It was really "TG Mastectomies with Star Pattern Areola/Nipple Reduction." Included in the total cost was a $1000 cancellation fee because I had to reschedule because of an impassable snowstorm. My medications were an... READ MORE

To say that I was anxious about this surgery would be an understatement. I have never had any type of procedure done, so I was terrified. However, Dr. Tholen and his staff immediately made me feel less nervous -- even from the initial consultation. He doesn't hesitate to take the extra time to... READ MORE

Hi gals I have not writen a personal blog before - hey ho here goes. Hope this is useful? I am a happily married transwoman living in UK. I had gender surgery and facial surgery many years ago, but never a BA. I was always worried about the scare stories in the media. However I was quite flat... READ MORE

I'm one of those people that likes multiple options and opinion. I went to 3 different surgeons for consultation before making a decision which one I want to perform my breast augmentation. Of course, each consultation cost money so to I'm trying to save you money.... go GO with Dr. Pousti. I'll... READ MORE

From as far back as I can remember my school years; my thought and behavior patterns did not fit those of the boys around me even though in genital terms, which were all that folks at the time considered, I was a boy. The girls and boys in my class soon picked up that something odd was going on... READ MORE

I am a 37 year old female to make transgender person. I came to Dr. Lawton to have my chest reconstruction to continue my transgender transition. He and his office staff were more than competent in transgender care, and the chest reconstruction he performed was beautiful. I am so happy with my... READ MORE

Incredible experience. Best patient care I've ever had. Dr Suporn pioneered this procedure and it is far superior to the penile inversion technique used in the US (and developed in the 1960's). Check out Dr Suporn's website in detail if you are considering having this done, all of the specifics... READ MORE

I had a consult with Dr. Tholen after researching several surgeons around the country - I chose to see him because of the good results I had seen from previous patients and also because his clinic was near family, giving me a place to stay while recovering. There was no one in my area who... READ MORE

I needed a chest wall reconstruction after a botched chest surgery. I wasn't sure if I could go through with it because my first experience was so awful. I knew that it would be a huge challenge and that I would need a very skilled surgeon to do this work for me, but I couldn't fit clothes that... READ MORE

I had a double-incision mastectomy with Dr. Tholen. I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone looking to get top surgery. This is a small clinic in MN and is co-owned by Dr. Tholen and the other doctor, Dr. Gervais. You can watch videos of all the staff on their website and they are... READ MORE

He's one of the best doctors in Beverly Hills. Transgender friendly doctor. Staff were so nice specially Anita.I had a great time with them. Dr.Sinclair personally calls and text you regarding your condition .He is very supportive and respect people like me. As a Transgender person im so very... READ MORE

I went to Dr Mordcai Blau for a consultation regarding chest reconstruction as I am transgender Female to Male. The procedure will involve removing breast tissue and also liposuction to fill in a 'pigeon chest' issue. This is usually done with a double incision under the breasts but Dr Blau is... READ MORE

Everything went smoothly and I am very happy with my results at only 3 months post op. My only complaint is that I wish the staff had been a little more helpful with fighting for my insurance to cover the surgery. I am still haggling with them now but otherwise I am overall thrilled with the... READ MORE

My experience with body contouring vaser-lipo. [Please understand this is a review from 2010 - but he still offers the same amazing service how ever Vaser-Lipo was new than just expect your prices to be a bit more] My lifestyle :: Work out daily, don't over eat much. I am 5'9 160's... READ MORE

Transitioning from female to male: I began searching for surgeons about a year ago for the double-incision mastectomy with nipple graphs. A year before that I'd had a breast reduction in the hope that I would alleviate some back pain and reduce some of the dysphoria around the size of my... READ MORE

I had the surgery as part of my transition and to match my body with my mind and who I am. I had a double mastectomy (I am transgender) and I am extremely pleased with the results. The incisions are very thin and already fading after only 3 months. Recovering time didn't take long at all... READ MORE

I am a transgendered woman. Having been on hormones for a while I had a A/B cup before implants. They were ok. I didnt look "flat". However I wanted implants for psychological reasons (don't we all?) I wanted to feel more complete and attractive. So I went in to his office and I... READ MORE

Im a 44 year old male transitioning to a female. After struggling to do this i have decided to do it. Its never to late to be yourself. Thinking of having Dr.Schantz do my procedure. Who has been to him? What were your thoughts on his surgical procedures that you had it done? If anyone has had... READ MORE

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