Fractional Laser Videos

What Can You Do About Stretch Marks? Learn About 1 Laser Option

Dr. Paul L. Leong explains his work with lasers and what results he's seen when treating stretch marks. VIEW NOW

4 Years of Results: Watch What Fat Transfer and Lasers Did for this Woman

Follow this woman over four years of fat transfers, Smart Lipo, and fractional CO2 laser treatments. VIEW NOW

Venus Viva: See This 62-Year-Old Without Makeup After the Procedure

Hear from Dr. Jason Emer and a 62-year-old patient discuss Venus Viva. VIEW NOW

This Woman Just Had Fractional CO2 Laser — See How Her Swelling Goes Down

See before and after photos from women who got fractional CO2 laser treatment with Dr. James W. Goodnight. VIEW NOW

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Facial fat Transfer Combined With SmartSkin Laser for Acne Scars — See This Woman Heal Over 6 Weeks

Dr. James W. Goodnight performs fat transfer and fractional CO2 laser on this woman to improve her acne scars. VIEW NOW

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Can You Use a CO2 Laser on the Eyes?

By placing metal shields under this woman's eyes, Dr. Jason Emer can use fractional CO2 laser to tighten her skin. See it for yourself. VIEW NOW

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Watch as This CO2 Laser Reduces Wrinkles Using a Zigzag Technique

Dr. Jason Emer uses a "zigzag" pattern when using the CO2 laser. Hear his reasoning. VIEW NOW


Why Do I Look So Old? Melasma Might Have Something to Do With It

Ever heard of melasma? Dr. James Namnoum explains what it is and what you can do about it. VIEW NOW

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Smaller Pores After 1 Treatment — Find Out What Else Halo Laser Can Do

Heard about Halo? It has great results and limited downtime, says Dr. Jason Pozner. Learn more. VIEW NOW


Erbium Laser: What Is It and What Can It Do?

Ever heard of erbium laser treatment? Michelle from Dr. Cory Torgerson's office explains. VIEW NOW

This Woman Shares Her Experience With Fat Transfer and CO2 Fractional Laser — See Her Results Over Time

This woman wanted a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Dr. James W. Goodnight performed fat transfer and SmartSkin CO2 Fractional Laser on her face and neck. She shares her healing progress and final results. VIEW NOW

The Fractional CO2 Laser at Work: See How It Rejuvenates the Skin

Dr. Jason Emer shows how the fractional CO2 laser works on this woman's skin. VIEW NOW


51 Seconds of Fraxel Laser Treatment for Neck and Chest Wrinkles

Dr. Jason Emer performs Fraxel laser on this woman. Fractional laser can be used to improve scars, wrinkles, melasma, large pores and one's complexion. VIEW NOW

What is the Downtime From a Fractionated Laser Treatment?

Dr. Horowitz explains how much downtime and what to expect during the healing process following a fractionated laser treatment. VIEW NOW

What is Fractionated Laser?

Dr. Jed H. Horowitz talks about the evolution of laser treatments and how the fractionated laser differs from the laser of years past. He also points out this type of laser will help tighten skin, improve fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture. VIEW NOW