Has Anyone Tried to Zirconium Non-metal Dental Implant?

  • BelleAdelle
  • Santa Clara CA
  • 2 years ago

I have some metal allergies and I wanted to make sure that I won't be allergic so I wanted to try the zirconium dental implant. Had anybody tried it yet? It almost looks like the real teeth because of it's white color. I would like to hear from someone who did this type of dental implant and what is the success rate? Thanks.

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Zirconium Non-metal Dental Implant restoration is extremely stable and strong, and capable of withstanding the extreme environment of the mouth. Due to its nonmetallic construction the dental implant does not interfere with the body’s immune or meridian systems and therefore lessens the potential for rejection or other systemic or immunological health problems. Its proven ability to resist plaque build-up make it easier for patients to care for their implant teeth and sustain good oral hygiene.
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Did you do zirconium implants?
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