What are your opinions about getting a BA and self esteem? Does getting one mean you have a low self esteem?

  • racecar
  • 2 years ago

My soon- to- be- ex-husband tells me that getting one means I have low self esteem and I need to "deal with that".  How do you feel about this? What are some of our psychological reasons for doing this?   Btw I had my BA surgery today and so far so good!

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Hello. I'm 22 and have 3 baby boys, the oldest just turned three! After I had kids my breast completely deflated...I tell my husband they look sad. I'm very self conscious about my sad breast, to the point where I don't even want my husband to look at them.! He supports me and loves me either way! I'm hoping for a natural looking implant mod 250cc! Good luck with your healing process!
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1. Your ex sounds like a jerk (sorry). 2. I opted for BA after years of being picked on for being "flat chested". I was 21 and felt 14 in a bathing suit. I did it for MYSELF, because I wasn't happy with my body. 4 years later I am much more confident. Sure, it's annoying when guys forget that I have eyeballs and talk to my breasts instead, but when I look in the mirror I feel like a WOMAN. If having BA makes you happy, then that's all that matters. It doesn't mean you have low self-esteem. It simply means that you want to improve the fantastic self that you already are. :)
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I think there are as many different reasons as there are people. In an ideal world we would all be thrilled with our bodies and faces as is, but that's just not reality. With so much media pressure and self-pressure, we want to look as close to perfect as possible. I think it's healthy to examine your motives for wanting this done, but I don't think it means your self-esteem is woefully low or that you'll keep getting other surgeries (more of an indicator of low self-esteem, IMO).

You did this for yourself and not for anyone else and I think that's pretty healthy. :) Glad the surgery went well.

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