Worried breast implants are bottoming out

  • matroska
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 4 years ago

Only 2 years after my surgery, my right breast has this problem. I have had a mammography and an ecoEcography and anybody knows anything about what´s going on! Help me please.

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i am 3 days post op, and i think the implant has bottomed out. i spoke to my doctor about this, and he has suggested i wear a fashioned by strings type supportive garment to hold the implant up for 2 weeks straight, and maybe underwire after. he did not say if this will fix the problem. i did this in taiwan. should i ask for an internal bra procedure or will wearing this contraption, and underwire for a while fix the problem?


My right implant causes pain when I bend over and it looks like the bottoms are coming out. I had my surgery done in Dec 09 and not happy at all. I wanted normal looking breast for my size and now I have double bubble breasts. Any help please.