Has anyone worked with both HydraFacial by Edge or SilkPeel by Envy? If so, in your opinion which gives a better treatment?

  • Debi1351
  • East Greenwich, RI
  • 1 year ago

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SilkPeel is by far a more "results" oriented aesthetic procedure. You will find it more often in medical offices, and you will find Hydrafacial more often in day spa's (though many medical spas have it too). SilkPeel uses more medically developed solutions, and can be used more aggressively (with the vacuum pressure and higher abrasive tips) to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, acne scaring, stretchmarks, etc. Hydrafacial is really what it says - a moisturizing facial that cleans the face and makes your skin feel fresh. SIlkPeel can be used on lighter settings with a hydrating to do the same, but otherwise, these are two very different devices.
While I respect your opinion I would have to disagree. I have used both and received both treatments personally and professionally. HydraFacial wins every time, and while the cost of equipment is the initial factor the return we had on investment, customer support and results of the HydraFacial win every time. I could use the lymphatic drainage to stimulate circulation and blood flow and flush toxins from the face, move into a HF treatment treating all fitzpatricks and skin conditions, add LED and instantaneous client satisfaction. I sell packages every time and the take home care is great, moderately priced and the clients can still use other lines integrated with it! As a Director I love that I can clean the machine in less then a minute and be ready and prepped for my next patient. I can turn my room using all three modalities in 45 minutes and I charge between $150 for a stand alone treatment for 30 minutes and for the 3 modality treatment (which all my clients love) I charge $275 (my cost per treatment is $15). HydraFacial is a medical grade treatment, that is non abrasive to the skin and gives clients instantaneous results with NO down time. You also have the ability to use more aggressive tips with the HF and with no issues of cross contamination because they are single use and built into the cost of treatment I listed above. If you are a medical facility you have the ability for higher % chemical peels and the use of a wet diamond tip dermabrasion add on. Long term results my patients have seen with HF is reductions of fine lines, retexturing of skin, lightening of pigment and reduction of acne. I would say hands down best treatment and our success with HF vs. SP proves it.