Just wondering if anyone else out there has the same problem as I do , is your frame too small for implants ????

  • Angel0623
  • Denham Springs, LA
  • 11 months ago

I went to a local plastic surgeon that told me I'm too small for her to do my implants . I'm actually 5'6" and 125 lbs. However, I have very small hips and my actual measurements are too small for the sizes of the implants . The problem is that the edges of the implants will show .The second problem is I have very little fat to do fat grafting to cover the edges of the implants and it's in my stomach . I have no fat in my butt to cover the implants at all ! 

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im 5ft 98lbs with very tiny pelvis, NO FAT on the butt, and limited fat elsewhere and im getting implants. id say find a better surgeon :)
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Hi! If I were you I would contact a few other surgeons, ones that SPECIALIZE in buttock implants. Send them your pics and measurements -height and weight. I'm sure it's possible to fit you with implants! Hope this helps!
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