Woman Injects Beef Fat Into Face, Then Dies

  • 3 years ago

Fat transfer, which involves using your own fat to plump up volume loss in other parts of your body, has a 46% "Worth It" rating (as of today). But beef fat is a foreign material and there's no telling what can happen if you use it. Case in point:

Janet Hardt, 63, had cooked beef, extracted the fat and injected the substance into her face around the mouth and chin areas.  According to the Chicago Sun-Times, she had done this several times before in order to copy the physical effects one would get from facial injections such as Juvederm or Restylane.

Hardt had gone to the hospital when she started to feel a burning sensation in her face after she performed the injections.  She died that same evening.  The official cause of death was peritonitis, an inflammation of the abdominal tissue caused by a bacterial infection.

Safety first!

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While this is certainly extreme...I'm not so sure fat transfer of any material is a good idea. Look at all the bad reviews posted just at this one site and the horror stories with them. It is so much safer and the results are so much more consistent with temporary fillers like restylane etal.
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That is just strange that someone would do that with something so unsanitary and foreign. But it shows the extremes that some people would go to achieve beauty.
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That is so sad.

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