Will white Mark After Laser Treatment Go Away?

  • Nikky_t
  • 1 year ago

Hello, I have a angel kiss birthmark on my back. The NP did a very large test spot on July 25, 2013 with a Palomar MaxG Lux laser (50/10 frequency). That exact moment I felt a kick and burning, she soon applied ice. It began to scab the following day. After the scab fell off, I was left with a large white mark. I was told to apply neosporin and a telfa pad. After less than a week, I am now told told to only apply sunscreen. Will it go away or should I be taking different measures to heal it? Please help!

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I saw you already posted this in the Doctor Q&A too, I hope you find some good advice!

Thank you! Yes, I am truly concerned.