Weight Loss - How Many People Have Done it Before BBL? Do You Think I Need To? (Photo)

  • mommy_to_7
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • 1 year ago

I'm wondering how many people lost weight prior to their sx. I am 6'0 and I wear anything from a 12-14 in clothes. My weight is 209. So do I really need to lose weight. Especially considering I want a BBL. I don't want a huge butt just a nice round one with some projection. I, of course, am more interested in the no tummy/back fat and tiny tiny tiny(did I say tiny lol) waist. Okay I'm lying cause I am getting my arms and legs done too lol. I have attached my pictures to see what you guys think. Do I need to lose weight before surgery

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oh no girl! you look fine the way you are, the fat you have will be used for the transfer. Do not lose weight, you will lose weight after your surgery. Once the Dr. tightens your stomach muscles, your appetite will decrease.
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I'm going on a mini diet few weeks before my sx hope to lose at least 10 lbs. I think you look good from the pic above.. If u want to drop a few then do it! Safe and realistic # of course.
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Many girls r getting healthy before surgery so they can recover faster, also to avoid loose skin in certain areas. So, if any of these two are a concern for you then I say lose some weight. Overall, it's up to you, and u must like how u look naked. Not just in clothing. Good luck!!
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Hey there,

I'm not an expert, but you look good from your photo. I guess it depends on how much Lipo you're having and how big you want your butt to be, post-op.

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