6 weeks after breast augmentation, why do my breasts look saggy?

  • jjtz18
  • red
  • 4 years ago

My breast look a little saggy and far apart. I am only 6 weeks out. What casues this? My sister just had her breast done and they look great. We have the same build and almost the same breast pre breast aug.

I have no cleavage a feel most of my breast is at the bottom. I would like mine to be a little closer together and up a tad - possible? What happens? are my sacks just too big?

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you look amazing
Yep, another straight one here, you look great, don't know what your sis looks like but I'd take these anyday over my yet to be done boob job...lol...
They look just like mine! so natural. But I also feel the same way you do. I was expecting them to sit up higher and be close together. My husband say that they are perfect and the ones that sit high look ridicules. However I do like the fake look. I told my PS that I wanted natural looking, and that is what I got. You look great by the way. how many CC did you get?
I think you look beautiful & natural. Find a great bra to give you cleavage. They look natural & great! I got my implants 8 weeks ago & they are so high & look so weird & square on top. I would much rather have a more natural look!
My doctor recommended to be "molding" my breasts to form my ideal shape. This is achieved by cupping your right hand to your left breast and pushing towards the center three times. Then you do the same with your left hand and right breast...three times. Finally, you cup both breasts with opposite hand underneath and push up three times. This is done three times a day. This keeps scar tissue from building up around the implant. However, everything I have read states that all breasts are going to eventually drop. Its just nature's way. By the way, I'm straight as well, but your's do look great.
Are you nuts? I'm a straight female and I'm telling you, they look absolutely amazing and perky and natural. They don't look like implants at all, but they will if you go and make them closer together! J