want advise on how to get the eye brows exactly the same

  • addys
  • 2 years ago

my eye brow drawing is not to good I have a hard time drawing the eye brows for them to look perfectly  the same. before I start the permanent procedure , and than I  start from the end because that way when i have to wipe I'll still have the drawing to lead me by . I am afraid of erasing them.  any advise from my colleague.

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Addys: It sounds like you are a PMU Artist? If so, you need additional training before you commit your machine to someone's face. especially if you feel at all trepidatious about brows. Symmetry is vital to the outcome of a great brow procedure. You can't call yourself a professional Permanent Makeup Artist if you lack artistry! Real Self is filled with stories of women who opted for permanent brows and got botched brows instead. Please invest in further training, websites are not the way to learn.
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I was given some advice years ago about penciling in eyebrows (just regular makeup, not permanent mind you) that I obey. I was told not to attempt to match the brows to each other, but to follow the natural arch of the brow line for each eye. We are not perfectly symmetrical, so trying to create two perfectly matched brows often looks unnatural. That being said, of course they need to be pretty darn close, because too much off & they look pretty bad. If you follow the natural brow line you aren't fighting with nature. 

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